Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shake-Your-Bootey Competition

Wiggle it off and shake your bootey. If you're as free as I am; tommorow; that is on the 31st of December, do get your lazy bum off from your comfy stool and get to Msia's South City Plaza. To be exact, it's around 7pm. Ground floor. If so happened you do see a fatass and superannuated woman waving a "Go Cryssie, Jade and Natasha" banner, blowing her antique whistle while chowing her popcorns when she's not on duty with her whistle, that's the place. And that's Fatass Mich of course! Typically, there's a dance competition right there. And boy, Cryssie and her gang of sexays did well and manage to get into the finals. It's the finals. Yay. Hip hip hurrayy!!! Overall, it's kinda entertaining. Mind me! It's VERY very entertaining with Cryssie's bootylicious dance moves, of course. With different genres of hits, various styles of choreography, different ages of dancers; ranging from 8 to I-dunno-how-old years old and loads of la-la's. But hey, you don't wanna miss this opportunity to see our Msia's Shakira though! Hail a cab, ride a bike or even jog there, it's worth to be there! As for Cryssie, Jade and Natasha, do break a leg! *Bootey*...

Signing Out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Sunday, December 24, 2006

White Christmas With Fatties

Once again, she forced me to post this one too! Begged me. Threatened me. Cussed me. Yes, it's Christmas on the 25th. I was hoping for green xmas. Or maybe something else. Not a white one. White reminds me of Fatto Rufus. That fatto! He's getting more and more admirers, fans and huggies. Darn.

And here's another Fatto in the WHITE CHRISTMAS mood with doggie Christmas tree in her sweaty hands. That's the coolest gift of all. Doggie dogga doggone tree!!! And it's GREEN. No more white xmas for you fatos. Fatos fatties fatasses!!!

There's more. More of Fatass Michs' ideas for a better white christmas celebration. She mean it though. And here's one of them. A white christmas poo for her buds?? What the doggie?! Okay. It's a strawberry mousse with white choc poo-poos, I guess... (*chuckles*)

And here's another buttday shout-out for lil Andrew. Happy Buttday lil fella. He's nice and naughty. Anyways, give me a pat on my back if you're interested in knowing him. He's single and available. (*smiles*)

And it's so unambigous that I'm getting lazier with words. This is sorta photoblog. So, bear with it. (*chuckles*). Once again, Merry Christmas. Bow-wow-wow. May god bless we doggies. (*halleluyah*)

Signing out;

Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Fatass Barks "Thank You"

Fatass Mich begs me to post this pathetic paw-prints post. Okay, mind me, it was sort of a gratitude to her respected butts. Typo error. It should be buds. Budddies; to be precise. Once again, I'm too lazy to blog about this. But Fatass Mich threaten me with my beef-stick. And here I am, posting up more redundant snap shots. As the old adage goes; a picture is worth more than a gazillion words. (*smiles*)

  • Fatass Mich says Thankyou to Mandy for the cards and gifts from Terengganu.

  • Fatass Mich says Thankyou to Crystal for the precious letters, memories and doggie pillow case.

  • Fatass Mich says Thankyou to Molly and Malar for the celebration held somewhere which has loadsa goodie-goodie, cakes and none the other, the cute doggie bag.

Now, shoo Fatass Michelle!

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Savoury Strawberry Poo's

Well, typically Fatass Michelle is very free nowadays. And it's an assurance that she's quite hardworking. Not procrastinating much. But she does sleeps a lot whenever she sees me. Yes, me! Not pillows or beds. Ehem, I assured you. Fatass have been up to experimenting the main uses of gelatin, Kahlua, vinegars, emulcos, egg whites and soda bicarbonate. Ahh, Kahlua's. Not Whiskey's. Since I've once barked out loud that Fatass Mich does bake poos, I do too. Obviously, it's not real poos. To most doggies, it is. BOL. Let's waste no time. We'll check out the latest savoury strawberry poos; sweet and sour poo-poos. (*winks*)

Fatass Mich : Poos?!! (*vomits*)
Whisky :
That's what I was intended to do. BOL.
Fatass Mich :
You and your lame tricks. Poos. Come on, be gentle and nice. Bark no poo. Bark the C word, will you?!
Whisky : What C word?
Fatass Mich :
Well, your poo-stick is in the container. (*snobbishly*)
Whisky :
What the dog?! Poo-stick?! Say the B word. Or I'll poo into your strawberry poos. (*grr*)
Fatass Mich :
=.=' Okay. B word. Beef-stick. I apologize, Whisss-kie! And your turn; C word!

Whisky : C-A-K-E-S; poo-yi.

Fatass Mich : (*vomits real blood*)

And guess what? Fatass Mich is into fat old Rufus now; the obnoxious glutton pup I've once used to hate. Mind me, I'm hating him every single minute. Giving him poo-poo cakes to taste on. Dressing him newly bought clothes. Etcetera. Dogged you, Rufus.

This is one whole set of snapshots on how was the rich strawberry poo was made. How rich was it? With scrumptious strawberry mousse, real juicy strawberries although it's not fresh at all, lucious strawberry fillings, zesty lemon cream and pink strawberry sour cream cakes, it was really tasteful. Weird combination, I shall say; a food enthusiast who's easily enthralled by the word F-O-O-D! Food! But it all blended well; into a pink poo. With strawberry emulcos, of course. Some sort of coloring which had strong and rich strawberry essence in it. And fyi, the cake used can actually stays for a week. In other words, it is still edible within a week. Marvellous. Splendid. Well, Rufus can have his lunch and dinner with those cakes while I'll be sticking with my beef-sticks this week. Fatass Mich was a strawberry fanatic for a day. That particular day.

Same cakes, same mousses used. It's only the shape that differs with the previous ones. Squarely shaped this time. Trimmed them out with a cutting-knife. Not me. Fatass does all this hard-to-do stuffs.

While I; Master Whisky, design the cake's decor. Unambigously, it is called individual cakes. No. Correct me! It's individual poos. Here, presenting my collections of cute poos topped with strawberry fillings and none other than the doglicious strawberries covered with chocs and honey.

And yes, some nicely made-by-Master-Whisky cakes here have been sent to Fatass Mich's bestest kick-ass-together pal; Molly and Cryshelle's. Late-nights delivery. Just dial 012-409409409. You might get some of these special poo-poos for free. No delivery charges too. BOL. Boy, I am kind. (*musing*)

P/s : It was specially made for them. For some purposes, of course. (*smiles*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Monday, December 18, 2006

Fatass Michelle's 91st Buttday

Once again.
Master Whisky right here.
Blogging again.
About buttdays.
Who's buttdays up next???
Very well.
It's my SERVANT'S!!!
Fatass Michelle, to be precise.
Oopsie, typing error, it was 19th buttday.
Just let it be 91st because no one will know.
P/s; Fatass Mich's ageing. She DO look like she's turning into 91 though. Serious offence. Bark Out Loud.
Now, I've dedicated this part of paw-prints post to Fatass Mich!
Not much descriptions, words, sayings etc.
Like the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand gazzilion of words.
By the way, I made Fatass Mich some delicious chocolate brownies.
Like master, like servant. Fatass Mich know how to bake simple cakes; her master knows about it too.
Threesfold of knowledge about it.
Had just bake some hot and fresh choc brownies for my servant; Fatass Mich!
Boy, I'm a good young pup, old woman... (*winks*)


Hee-hoo... Bark Out Loud. Love you loads. Bow-wow.

Signing out;

Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Steven's 23rd Buttday

I hate buttdays. Anyway, here it goes. Happy Buttday Steven. Oh god, it's Fatass Mich's brother's buttday. 3 buttdays in a month. Lemme see; Crystal's on the 16th, while Fatass Mich's and Steven's falls on the 18th. Duhhh... I told you I hate buttdays. Be nice! (=.=) Here's a glance of some doggie candid shots taken by I-dunno-who of Steven; a lanky guy going through a life of a real man. Anyway, I do not know what I'm barking though. So, be it. Ooh la-la~

Well, I've got nothing for Steven. Same goes to Fatass Mich. Yea, there is one!!! For Steven right here! Get over it, Fatass Mich! (Bark Out Loud). I know you're a M.U supporter, Steven. Manchester United. Well, I'll change my mind then, that is to support M.U rather than Chelsea. "M.U bow-wow"!!!

As usual, like the old routine, I'll end this up with a holy wish to you, my man; Steven. Live life to its fullest, not-so-young man. BOL. Barking out loud with a higher pitching of mine; HAPPY 23rd BUTTDAY STEVEN!!! (*coughs*) Mind you! Hmmph!

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Crystal Lee's 19th Buttday

Whisky : I'm on time, I'm on time! Phew! 16th of December. I am very punctual and disciplined nowadays. I do not slack off so easily like other Silkies do; nor a full-time procrastinator anymore. I am a real obedient and likeable Silky. Yes, call me Angelo Obediente' Whisky De Lovely. (*Angelic smile*)

What's up on the 16th? It's buttday again! Whose buttday this time? FYI, you'll get a buttie-bite from me whenever you're celebrating real birthdays. Butties~ Yumm. Was it Cryssie the Hungarian Puli? Hmm, let me see; it's one of the other Cryshelle's partner birthday! To be exact and precise, it's Crystal's buttday! A best pal of Fatass Michelle. Molly's her bestest side-kick and buddy while Crystal's her soul-mate. As simple as it sounds. And yes, of course I'm happy for them. Crystal who? Crystal, the divine joker who always use to hit the nail on the head.

Since Crystal's birthday is on the 16th while Fatass Mich is on the 18th, a group of human beings had draw out a plan in conjunction with Crystal's and Fatass Mich's buttday celebrations at TGI's. Here, Fatass Mich had remind me to give a doggie thank-you speech to those human beings; Esther, Annie, Yvonne, Jo Ling, Catherine, Claudia and Rueben.

Whisky : Talking about buttdays; Mich! Where's her gifts? Presents?? Show me. I see no presents...
Fatass Mich : Lemme see...

Whisky : Smart move, Fatass Mich. I AM VERY suprised. To be exact, I'm stupified by your dumb hand. Choosing dried dying leaves as the decor. Ohh, for god's sake?! The good thing is; you do remember the main thing, that is, the homemade cards. But, with teddies?! And dried leaves?! What the teddy?! At least, you should put a macho pix of me. Come on, your homemade card look messy and dull. Just get your fat disgusting butt off the chair, grab a glue and stick one of my cam-whore pix on the front page. Crystal will definitely be delighted. Per-leee-isss. Go now! Shoo!
Fatass Mich : Duhh... The dried leaves would be a great decor, Master Whisky.
Whisky : Shoo now! And?? What do we have here??? Sponge cakes and vanilla genoise? Don't tell me that you're baking cakes and getting Crystal one of the cakes you've just baked?!
Fatass Mich : Oh god. What IS wrong now? =.='

Whisky : Very WRONG. Everything seems to go out of your way. You are running out of time! For dog's sake! I don't want to look at that bland and tasteless cake anymore. Ughhh...
Fatass Mich : *frowns*

Whisky : Let me mix the whipping cream with strawberry puree to form a cup of strawberry mousse cream. And for you, stay right where you are.
Fatass Mich : =.='

After minutes of beating the light whipping cream with a tin of strawberry puree', the strawberry mousse was somehow perfectly formed. Yes, by me; Master Whisky. Not very sweet though. Topped the mousse on the genoise and dumped the sponge layers. The cake was then placed in the fridge just to get the mousse to set properly.

Whisky : Spread the heavy whipping cream on the cake now. Be quick but get your fatass and hands off in a gently manner. Come on, fatass!
Fatass Mich : =.=' (*speechless*)

15 minutes later, the white thick cream with some vanilla essence and Kahlua was gently spread on the prepared but undone cake. It was not a real clean cut. It was messy, full of small streaks made by the cutting-knife. It is unambigous that Fatass Mich is a noobie. NoOb, nOob, nOob...

Whisky : Be fast. You are running out of time. Grrrr... (*biting a piece of choc chunk*)
Fatass Mich : Be patient. We won't be late. Slow down!!
Whisky : Don't try to be artistic. Get over here right now!
Fatass Mich : 15 minutes time...
Whisky : Oh god! (*chewing on chocs*)

Next, small chocolate chunks were sprinkled and arranged on the cake. Chocolates~ Then, the next process incured; the placement of chocolate mint balls. 19 of them; to show that Crystal's a 19 year old girl. Next up, the mouth-watering fruit; strawberries were arranged nicely on the top of the cake.

Fatass Mich : YAY!! On time!
Whisky : Not a magnificient pawsterpiece after all. Hmmph!

Fatass Mich : And here goes the cake! Tadaa!!!
Whisky : A-OK.
Fatass Mich : Come on, it's just the decor! You do not need to give me that
Whisky : I am just being frank and professional!
Fatass Mich : Pro; your butt-side! (*frowns*)

I can see that Fatass Mich's soulmate Crystal and Fatass Mich has a strong bond although they don't use to spend their time together. Impressed, yet having butterflies in my stomach, I asked Fatass Mich on the relationship between her and Crystal. She told me loads of grandma stories. Mostly, about Cryshelle! From "Tissues Of Promise", Crystal's first masterpiece that made it through the school stage", Cryshelle's first sketch and a piece of cut-out of Crystal's pix and dedications from Fatass Mich through the Sunday Mail newspaper. Their relationship is somehow deeper than I thought. Real deep. Deeper than the South China Sea Ocean. Honestly, it will be one felicitous sight to see them both clinging onto each other. Go Cryshelle's!!! Bow-wow.

Whisky : What's that C for?
Fatass Mich : Don't need to tell you... Hmmph!!
Whisky : Nevermind. Once I saw the alpha, I knew it stands for CAM-WHORE.
Fatass Mich : What the dog?! (*faints*)

Lastly, to end this paw-prints-post orderly with some basic greetings; I think it's time for me to shout out loud once again about this; Happy Buttday, Crystal. May god bless Cryshelle's! Fatass Mich loves Cryshelle's. Amen. And halleluyah, fellow peeps and doggies.
P/s : How was the cake though??? Tell me about it. Comments needed. In honest words. (*winks*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux