Thursday, December 21, 2006

Savoury Strawberry Poo's

Well, typically Fatass Michelle is very free nowadays. And it's an assurance that she's quite hardworking. Not procrastinating much. But she does sleeps a lot whenever she sees me. Yes, me! Not pillows or beds. Ehem, I assured you. Fatass have been up to experimenting the main uses of gelatin, Kahlua, vinegars, emulcos, egg whites and soda bicarbonate. Ahh, Kahlua's. Not Whiskey's. Since I've once barked out loud that Fatass Mich does bake poos, I do too. Obviously, it's not real poos. To most doggies, it is. BOL. Let's waste no time. We'll check out the latest savoury strawberry poos; sweet and sour poo-poos. (*winks*)

Fatass Mich : Poos?!! (*vomits*)
Whisky :
That's what I was intended to do. BOL.
Fatass Mich :
You and your lame tricks. Poos. Come on, be gentle and nice. Bark no poo. Bark the C word, will you?!
Whisky : What C word?
Fatass Mich :
Well, your poo-stick is in the container. (*snobbishly*)
Whisky :
What the dog?! Poo-stick?! Say the B word. Or I'll poo into your strawberry poos. (*grr*)
Fatass Mich :
=.=' Okay. B word. Beef-stick. I apologize, Whisss-kie! And your turn; C word!

Whisky : C-A-K-E-S; poo-yi.

Fatass Mich : (*vomits real blood*)

And guess what? Fatass Mich is into fat old Rufus now; the obnoxious glutton pup I've once used to hate. Mind me, I'm hating him every single minute. Giving him poo-poo cakes to taste on. Dressing him newly bought clothes. Etcetera. Dogged you, Rufus.

This is one whole set of snapshots on how was the rich strawberry poo was made. How rich was it? With scrumptious strawberry mousse, real juicy strawberries although it's not fresh at all, lucious strawberry fillings, zesty lemon cream and pink strawberry sour cream cakes, it was really tasteful. Weird combination, I shall say; a food enthusiast who's easily enthralled by the word F-O-O-D! Food! But it all blended well; into a pink poo. With strawberry emulcos, of course. Some sort of coloring which had strong and rich strawberry essence in it. And fyi, the cake used can actually stays for a week. In other words, it is still edible within a week. Marvellous. Splendid. Well, Rufus can have his lunch and dinner with those cakes while I'll be sticking with my beef-sticks this week. Fatass Mich was a strawberry fanatic for a day. That particular day.

Same cakes, same mousses used. It's only the shape that differs with the previous ones. Squarely shaped this time. Trimmed them out with a cutting-knife. Not me. Fatass does all this hard-to-do stuffs.

While I; Master Whisky, design the cake's decor. Unambigously, it is called individual cakes. No. Correct me! It's individual poos. Here, presenting my collections of cute poos topped with strawberry fillings and none other than the doglicious strawberries covered with chocs and honey.

And yes, some nicely made-by-Master-Whisky cakes here have been sent to Fatass Mich's bestest kick-ass-together pal; Molly and Cryshelle's. Late-nights delivery. Just dial 012-409409409. You might get some of these special poo-poos for free. No delivery charges too. BOL. Boy, I am kind. (*musing*)

P/s : It was specially made for them. For some purposes, of course. (*smiles*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux