Sunday, December 24, 2006

Fatass Barks "Thank You"

Fatass Mich begs me to post this pathetic paw-prints post. Okay, mind me, it was sort of a gratitude to her respected butts. Typo error. It should be buds. Budddies; to be precise. Once again, I'm too lazy to blog about this. But Fatass Mich threaten me with my beef-stick. And here I am, posting up more redundant snap shots. As the old adage goes; a picture is worth more than a gazillion words. (*smiles*)

  • Fatass Mich says Thankyou to Mandy for the cards and gifts from Terengganu.

  • Fatass Mich says Thankyou to Crystal for the precious letters, memories and doggie pillow case.

  • Fatass Mich says Thankyou to Molly and Malar for the celebration held somewhere which has loadsa goodie-goodie, cakes and none the other, the cute doggie bag.

Now, shoo Fatass Michelle!

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux