Sunday, December 31, 2006

Shake-Your-Bootey Competition

Wiggle it off and shake your bootey. If you're as free as I am; tommorow; that is on the 31st of December, do get your lazy bum off from your comfy stool and get to Msia's South City Plaza. To be exact, it's around 7pm. Ground floor. If so happened you do see a fatass and superannuated woman waving a "Go Cryssie, Jade and Natasha" banner, blowing her antique whistle while chowing her popcorns when she's not on duty with her whistle, that's the place. And that's Fatass Mich of course! Typically, there's a dance competition right there. And boy, Cryssie and her gang of sexays did well and manage to get into the finals. It's the finals. Yay. Hip hip hurrayy!!! Overall, it's kinda entertaining. Mind me! It's VERY very entertaining with Cryssie's bootylicious dance moves, of course. With different genres of hits, various styles of choreography, different ages of dancers; ranging from 8 to I-dunno-how-old years old and loads of la-la's. But hey, you don't wanna miss this opportunity to see our Msia's Shakira though! Hail a cab, ride a bike or even jog there, it's worth to be there! As for Cryssie, Jade and Natasha, do break a leg! *Bootey*...

Signing Out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux