Thursday, January 11, 2007

Boobies & Babies

Last week, we went to Fatass Mich's not-so-close uncle's petshop. I was there. With my black and blue pet cargo. Once we were there, I stumbled upon a group of cam-whorers. Precisely, the doggie family, goldies. The pack of golden retrievers. Our doggie family! And to be 100% more accurate, it's Bobby's babies. In other words, it's Boobies babies. Bobby/Boobie/Bob/Blondie. Quite a plethora of nicks he had. Boobie sounds great though. BOL. Before proceeding any further, it is wise for me to post up some macho and vain snapshots of Boobie (*smacked by Boobie*). Okay, Bobby, that is. T.T

To make this paw-prints post intriguing, Boobie suggests that suspension would be good. Well, to Boobie, show your boobies and this will make the readers get intrigued and go huh hah. Enough said (*smacked by Boobie again*). Paw-prints post logo... (*forcely*)

And here goes the macho sexyback. Suspend, suspend, suspend.

Ahah!! Boobie is showing what monstrous and grostesque means; with his appearance, of course. BOL (*smacked thrice*).

As usual, he's a bit of my character; get aroused by bitches. Ooh-la-la~

Fatass Mich : Woo, Goldies are always people's favourite.
Whisky : Not anymore when you bumped into our version of Goldie; Boobie. (*chuckles*)
Fatass Mich : Well, as I know, Goldies or generally known as Golden Retrievers are formerly originated from Great Britain. And do take note that Golden Retrievers and Labrador are two diff breeds although they fall under the same category; retrievers.
Whisky : Our Boobie was born in Chow Kit though. (*chuckles*)
Boobie : Do you want this? (*raised his gigantic paws*)
Whisky : Okay, okay. You explain about your family then... (*sulking*)
Boobie : Most Goldies have smooth and wavy golden or cream coats. Fawn, to be exact. Goldies are easily groomed. Unlike Silky Terriers. (*while staring at Whisky*)
Whisky : What's wrong?? At least my coat is silkier than yours!
Boobie : We goldies are all loveable, intelligent, calm, alert and sensitive dog with a very good memory. We don't bark or yap non-stop, and we love people. And none the other, family. We are one family pet. An ideal family companion. Unlike someone else. (*while staring at Whisky*)
Whisky : Sociable konon. Btw, sensitive isn't a good thing okay!
Boobie : 50/50. If you treat us harshly and badly; like how you snap at me now, you are now harming my accomodating nature.
Whisky : Hmmph... To cut short, just say EMO la.
Boobie : Overall, we Goldies need more exercise than the average doggies. So, most of us are multi-talented. In other words, we love to swim, play tug of war, retrieve frisbees and fly-ball. Ehem, cam-whoring included. Besides, we can get along very well with most living things. And we love humans to the max. Easily trained somemore!
Fatass Mich : Ohh. That is why most Goldies were trained exclusively to guide the disabled people.
Boobie : That's right. We called it assistance doggie. Besides, the bigger the skull and the paws of the Goldie, the more pricey it is!
Fatass Mich : No wonder Golden Retrievers are popular doggies.
Whisky : Cut the crap. (*angrily said*)
Fatass Mich : Macho-nyer Bobby!!!
Boobie : (*posing macho-ly*)
Whisky : =.='

Back to his babies, I must say, it's a whole bunch of them. However, it needs 3 more to maketh a team of football doggie players. Dribble, dribble, dribble. Or let's make it another way round, it needs an additional of one pupsie to form a baseball team. So, guess. How many were there? To conclude this so-called-confusing and calculative lame question, it's 8 of them. Boobie, you're the man and the strong dada of the week. Moving on, as the old adage goes; pictures are worth millions of words. So, let's not waste any time.

Posting more snapshots of those cute canine camwhore expertise that I've met in the petshop. Sweet, aren't they?

Argumentative, yet they look like fluffy fawn dandelions. Aww...

Aww... Wait. Is he already dead??

A common sight to see these cam-whorers dozing off at daytime.

And for that kind of pupsies overloaded with gratifying talents, it's kind of pricey to me. With that sum of money, I can approx purchase 1500 beef-sticks. And that's equivalent to almost 3 months supply of scrumptious treats.

But somehow, to some extend, it's worth that price because their innocent and fat appearances will definitely melt your heart away. Just look at him...

After some doubts and uncertainty, Boobie assured that these pack of Goldies belongs to him. He also vows that he will not ever do it again. Making babies and making love with strangers. BOL.

Anyway, he's goddamn thin and haggard-looking right after a day or perhaps, two; after joining the love-making scene. Poor you. I can really sense that you're one part of my soul. FYI, I'm darn skinny too. What differs between Boobie and me is; I'm hot, he's not! XD (*signature of devilish grin*)

Fatass Mich : Enough of poking fun at Bobby... Pity him.
Whisky : Pity your fatass.
Fatass Mich : What the dog?! I'm speechless. =.=
Whisky : Good. That's what I attempted to. So, fatass. What's in that thing?
Fatass Mich : What thing?? Do clearly explain your clouded and perplexing question.
Whisky : Let me rephrase the Q, P-brain (pea-brain). I asked what's in that air-tight container?!!
Fatass Mich : Pea-brain?! =.= Well, it's something edible and chocolatey and kahluas and dessicated coconuts and.... (*Whisky cuts in*)

Whisky : Oh yeah, just to remind you of something! P-brain as in Pui-Yi's brain. That is your brain, owner (*smiles sweetly*). I forgot to tell you that I have finished my food today and cleaned my bowl. It was so shiny by then.
Fatass Mich : Uh-huh.
Whisky : Erm. And I cleaned off Rufus's bowl as well.

Fatass Mich : Hmm.
Whisky : Perrrrrrr-leaseeeeeeeeeeee (*with sparkling eyes and sincere begging*)

Fatass Mich : Do grab a bite; for my own sake. :)

Whisky : Yumm... What's the name of these poos? Cakes, I mean. (*gluttonly chewed a piece of it*)
Fatass Mich : Erm... Imperfect Chocolatte' Cakes?? And one more; Coconut Bites! (*nervously said*)
Whisky : =.= (*stopped chewing anything that he's currently chewing/stupified*)

Signing Out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

My Cloistered Clone

It's been awhile since I posted my last paw-prints post. Awhile. To be exact, it's ten days. Very well, Fatass Michelle told me that there's a DSL malfunctioning thingie going on. Can't get into the net. It was an upsetting moment. Anyway, I did not go all huh-hah about that though. Minor probs; that's what I have thought. Fatass have been wandering around in most cheap-skate cyber cafe' just to go online while craving on the outdated lala online game; RAN. Thanks to my second servant; Molly (*evilish grin*). Going all huh-hah once the connection got laggy. And now, she's feeling very uplifted because Telekom had already sent a human being to our place to fix things up.

Sitting in an upright position with a rigid grace while facing the computer screen, I am now typing this posts which is somehow related to a lost clone of mine. Or maybe he's in heaven now, still wondering and thinking how he got up there. Got rammed by a car or got killed by some what-so-ever kidnappers. Kidnapped, commit suicide, got rammed... The list goes on. Euthanized? Perhaps... His owner was very responsible indeed. Pinning up the detailed info about that lost clone of mine on the lamp posts, handing out the A4-sized, black and white sheets to most of the terraces post-box in his residential area. Puppy love, I guess? (*Bark Out Loud*)

Fatass Mich : Woaa. He does really look like you though.
Whisky : =.='

Fatass Mich : Same age and same places that you guys were staying summore?! Separated from birth ah?
Whisky : What the dog?! I'm more well-groomed than he is! And obviously, I'm macho-er.
Fatass Mich : And do you wanna add up anything??
Whisky : Add what???
Fatass Mich : "I take better cam-whore pix" (*while mimicking Whisky's expression*)
Whisky : Ahhh~ That should be another one. Good one, Mich! Gooooood servant!!
Fatass Mich : =.='

Whisky : Btw, the reward listed here is quite a lot. I smelt money. Ka-ching! (*money sign can be seen from his big brown eyes*)
Fatass Mich : Buahahaha. Me too!!!

Whisky : Come. Let's get going. I'll be sniffing the whole housing area. Once I found some doggie urine stain, I'll ring you up. By then, you come over to the place that I want you to. And we'll sort things out then. Now, you better stay right in the kennel. House! KENNEL! Opps, house! And wait for the phone to ring.
Fatass Mich : Yeah. Get going. To the car, I say. (*musing $$$ while grabbing Whisky along*)
Whisky : Good girl... Now. You do fit the word; RESPONSIBLE. Thought you're gonna let me wander off alone to the residential area... (*owhhh*)

However, it's not that outrageous though. That's a usual reaction to most owners whom had just lost their fav and most loved poochie. The chances of that sympathetic owner to get back his poochie would be slightly lower since the pooch he just lost was a pedigree. Precisely, it's a Silkie. An AST; Australian Silky Terrier. Anyway, to sum things up, it is a better option for the owners that is to resort to dog detective whenever their beloved pooch is lost. A highly recommended alternative. Trustable yet pro. At least, they know the real nitty-gritty of the whole lost-pet thingie. Second option; check the puppy portal website under the lost, missing, stolen pets column or malaysia's reowned spca; in case the lost pupsie was caught by a man working under the DBKL Dog Catching Unit. The lost poochies can be reclaimed at the DBKL dog pound though. Next, check The Star's Newspaper. Under Classifieds, that is under the "lost and found" category. It's all free. No charges. May
be there is! Not too sure though. But at least, it is very much cheaper than offering RM1K + as a reward for those good samaritans who have just brought back your pooch to you.

In the blue canary; the car;
Fatass Mich : Whisky, I won't be seeing you already. (*sniffles*)
Whisky : Lol. Don't be so emo. Although it does sounds like a bit of a perilous adventure, I can assure you that it is more than that. Well, master is always a master. Gonna sacrifice a bit. Anyway, I'll be back in a few minutes though. Wait and see. As you have already known, I have a sensitive nose. So, getting that clone-pupsie is as easy as D-O-G.
Fatass Mich : (*smiling all of a sudden while wiping away the tears*)
Whisky : Emo la you. Btw, where are you dropping me? I thought it's just a 5 minutes drive?
Fatass Mich : (*wicked smile*)
Whisky : Do not tell me that you... You... You are??
Fatass Mich : Yes, I am. You're getting a new owner soon. BOL.... (*evilish laughter*)

Signing Out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Saturday, January 6, 2007

No One Gives A Damn

So whattttttt? (*cockiness shown*)
Okay okay. That was not what I meant just now (*smiles*). Will be posting up paw-prints post of the Hong Kong and China trip thingie
very soon. 2 weeks from now?? Soon. VERY soon. Loads of foodies' pix though. It should be interesting. Should be, I guess. And yet, will be posting more paw-prints posts although I know I'm barking to myself over here (*sniffles*). Anyway, for some refreshments, ( if only you are interested in my pawblog ) here are some black and white fatasses' camwhore shots.

The one and only sketch of the albino fatass. (*winks*)

Based on this...

Holy fatasses. (*devilish grin*)

Alas, the last one! A fat albino pup waving goodbye.

I'm not in any of those snapshots though. My pix worth more than those two fatasses. So, don't ask. Yea, I'm resilient. But that doesn't mean that I'm still happy with it; Fatass Mich snapping photos of Rufus instead of me (*sniffles*). Oh yea, Fat Rufus do need a haircut. Since Fatass Mich is seldom at home nowadays due to some hectic and sucky shifts, I'll be good and will TRY to groom lil fatass for you (*winks*). And Fatass Mich, while you're out, I've been seriously injured by your precious lil fatass Rufus. Headbutts ( p/s: Rufus's head is huge for a typical Schnauzer. Told you! He's F-A-T! ). Smartass doing rounds and whispering something about fatasses. And all of a sudden, "doink". No. It's more like "dushheddd"!

Grr, time for revenge!

Signing Out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Friday, January 5, 2007

Calls It A Day

Ten hours of standing while assisting the living creatures.
Ten hours of sleeping.
Three hours for miscellaneous.
One more goes to me and Fattie Rufus.
Fatass Mich calls it a day.

Signing Out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Monday, January 1, 2007

Brand New Year

Signing Out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux