Monday, July 30, 2007


After 2 days staying in the clinic, which I consider it as a state of being hospitalized, I was freed. Fatass drove me back home. Yay. I'm back. I'll get to rub my nose on Rufus buttie again! Yay.

I was warmly welcomed by the family members especially the helpers. And the buns!

With Mexico Milk Buns, I do really feel how lost were they if I died one day. These buns were not any first attempt.

To start something anew, Fatass put in fillings into the unbaked buns. The fillings were basically a mixture of milk powder and butter. The fillings were yummy. It should be drier than it appears to be though. Sadly, we ran out of milk powder. Henceforth, only a cup of filling were made. As for the coffee topping, coffee emulco does not really enhance the flavor.

adding 1 tablespoon of Nescafe and 1 tablespoon of hot water into the topping batter, it tasted yummy and aroma of coffee can be smelt soon.

Poolicious right? The swirl was cute to me. (*Devilish Grin*) But after dumping the whole bread into the oven, it became like this...

Topping melts down, sticking with one another. The overall outcome?

It was a hit to the kids as they love the fillings more than the bread itself. Blame the manually function bread maker.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh Mayo Craze

Mayonnaise are selling cheap. Just at RM4.99, a cup of good quality mayo can be simply bought at marts now. To finish the whole mayo in a proper manner, we bake something which complement the mayo. The kids are mayo fanatics. No doubt any mayo dessert and breads will do them good. One came into my mind. It is none the other than this...

Mini Chicken Floss Bun. With loads of mayo and chicken floss, of course.

The bread were baked in bulk. The softer it is, the greater the taste as a whole.

Mayo cream were stirred in with some condensed milk. It'll bring a hint of sweetness in it.

After baking, the bread were all sliced into halves with a sharp knife. And all eyes were on these C-grade babies once they were all coated with loads of mayo cream, by using a mini spatula.

The bun were this mini. Compared it with a size of a palm. It was indeed mini babies. It should be garnished with parsley.

Doesn't matter whether the parsley were chopped or not, these buns would look good if parsley were used. Parsley, parsley, parsley. Getting a pot of real life parsley soon! (*Frowns*)

As for bird watchers, here's PIPIT.

More shots of him.

Dang! Lost the lights! Frown Pipit, frown!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hospitalized Due To Ear Infection

May I be blessed, not bedridden or euthanized, just days before I'll be sent off to hell. Hospitalized for ear infection? That's better than the latter. Barked my prayers. So, smile widely, for the doggy angel. =)

With the absence of a reputable leader of this bloggy, which is me, myself, I wonder what Fatass Michelle would be doing now - with the existed blog and posts. I've been arranging shots and drafts for the past few days before illness have strikes upon me.

For the first, we have our infamous Mini Curry Chicken Bun. Absolutely pork-free. The tinier it is, the cuter it appears to be.

It was made out of lucious fillings; which consists of shreded chicken meat, half mashed up baby potatoes, herbs and spices and last but not least, curry leaves. Kindly cooked by Ma. Not Fatass nor the hired helpers.

Fatass did the bread-kneading part. We hence found out that during bread kneading process, one can work the dough ruthlessly. Not the shaping process though.

During shaping dough, bread will turn out to be softer and springy in texture if it is gently handled.

Once shaped, the unbaked were brushed with egg yolk and garnished with toasted black sesames. While waiting for it to rise once again, Fatass kept her time rolling and shaping more dough.

After rising sessions, the unbaked were let free into the big ol oven. Yet, it rises in the oven once again. Fuller and puffier.

Within 20 minutes, the bread were all done, freshly bulk-baked. Many were eaten by glutton porkies, which exclude me, myself. Appearance wise, it is not that golden brown which I've been wishing for. Taste wise, it'll be a definite hit if the fillings were double than the original! (*Drools*)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Batter System

Correct me. It should be barter, not batter. Yes, the barter system. For our first order, we were glad that we do manage to get all things done before the exact deadline. It’s just a few batches of mini cupcakes; thanks to the wrongly bought folded box. The box was big enough to put in 9 cupcakes. What a shame. Let’s set the plot straight. Molly told us that she wanted something for her cute little brother, while the latter wanted something edible for his girl. We promised her 2 boxes of cupcakes. In return, she’ll give us a block of butter. That is how ‘the batter system’ worked. It sounded great, as we were C-graded-bakers. The cupcakes were all from Magnolia’s. Itchy paws lead to additional chocolate flavoring and 2 tablespoonfuls of oil. It turned out flatter than it used to be. But then, we’re still figuring the unveiled truth of getting a moister cupcake. Instead, we will try out Billy’s Vanilla Cupcake one fine day. Experimenting kills.

The vanilla cupcakes were kept for the boy while the chocolate cupcakes will be the girl’s possession. We’ve chosen vanilla buttercream to ease our workload. The main and actual reason; Fatass Michelle had her college assignments stacking up; sky-high. We’re so sorry for our same old flavor and empty fillings. The boy gets his basketball look-alike chocolate cupcakes.

Orange coloring were infused into the vanilla buttercream to get a bigger picture of a basketball.

The linings were done quickly with brown buttercream though at first we thought that dark chocolate fits best. We were lazy bums. Whatever comes, we’ll absolutely pick the easiest way out. Oh boy.

The soon-to-be boy’s possession. It is clearly seen that the letterings piped out of buttercream were too thick. Now, I’d really need to get real teachings on piping techniques!

Forget not! One shout out for the boy; Happy Buttday Suren!

Moving on to the next cupcake; the girl’s gift. We are so outdated and creative-less. We ran out of good names and hence, came out with one extraordinary lame name for these C-grade baby cupcakes; Edible Roses Cum Garden Cupcake. What a name.

Same old buttercream. It differs with the previous basketball cupcake as the coloring used were totally different. Excuse us for the lame remarks. We just need more words to make the paragraphs looked tally. Sugarpaste were common in this cupcake. Roses, buds, leaves; for instance.

Exclusive of the heart-shaped pastillage. Happy Buttday XXX. (*What was her name again*)


Time for makan, Pipit!! (*Mimicking birdie voice; chirp chirp tweet*)

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fantasizing Cookies, Cream And Oreo

They had definitely proves us right; that they are compatible enough to be a great partners. The aroma of vanilla cream can be smelt in 500 meters away. Touching on the doggy issue, which is their sense of smell. (*Rub Nose*)

Oreo had been the best cookie we used to nibble on, during our good old days. Lick, dip, and dunk. That was their favorite catchy phrase. Cupcakes with fluffy buttercream and Oreo, well, what’s wrong with that? Take a look at McD’s McFlurry; Oreo. One word; yummy, doesn’t it? Things will never ever go wrong with Oreo. That’s for sure.

After the prep of chocolate cupcakes, we jump start with the fluffy luscious cream. A mixture of half whipping cream and vanilla buttercream. Fret not, the cream was later combined with a packet of mashed up Oreos.

Cupcakes, cream and ¼ of an Oreo cookie, we’ll get a batch of Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcakes. It was one adorable batch of C-grade babies. Just look at the size of one; doesn’t it make you go ‘Owhh’.

Mini cutie pies. It really make us looked like glutton fatasses with monstrous features when we take a bite out of them.

It tasted as vanilla-ish as the Oreo’s real vanilla cream. As for that, we kept a box for cuz; Kahmun and Kiwi as their buh-bye gift. The very next day, which was on Saturday, they flew back to Aus. (*Frowns*)

To sum things up, these babies are a definite keeper! Proof? We didn't manage to give them to our remaining loved ones. Best regards to the ladies; Kahmun and Kiwi. With loads of love from the Wong’s and the poochies!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

For Bird Fanatics

We've been dunking C-grade cakes and cookies in Purina instant milk every now and then. Sigh. After the first attempt on the layer cake; which is quite a number of people's favorite, Fatass and I drool over the next layer-cake-to-be. Tadaa. No. It should be with caps, better effect. TA-DAA!!!

Coffee Layer Cake. It was tiresome and time-consuming. I repeat, very very time-consuming.

It looks browner than it is used to be as we've added real brewed coffee as a part of the liquid batter, under Kluang Station. The layers were hard to be seen though.

Difference between coffee beans and an instant coffee packet? Obviously, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee tops the latter.

Btw, Kluang Station was not too bad. We poochies love the yummies over there. Not railways and tracks!

Moving on to Pipit overloaded shots, it is one good opportunity to see how do macho birds pose for the camera.


No! Not the DOG, the BIRD!

Pipit have outshown each and every cam whore maniacs.

Just look at him.

Part of his wounded wings, which will be.... (*Musing; chicken wings, yum yum*)

He posed like a hawk.

Perhaps, a baby eagle look-alike. He's the best camwhore birdie we've been searching for. Bravo, Pipit. P/s: Dog plushie was used for the purpose of Pipit's frail limbs. Not for humping. =)