Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kennel-Break On Dogathon Day

It was Sunday. 13th of August. Yea, it was one normal day for you guys out there. But it wasn't for me. It was the day that I've been waiting for. It was MY day. The Dogathon day in UPM, Serdang! Hurray. Alas the king is free... FREE....

It was Kurt Cobain

Sort of... T.T
Not really 'free'. I still need to do what she asks for. Oh yeah, I'm refering to Michelle.De.Fatass. Okay, okay... not calling her fatass for today... She spent her whole time sewing a piece of rag from other old rags (*grin*). Okay, be nice... She made me a small tee. A dalmation coat. A fake dalmation coat. The outfit is kinda cool on me...

Michelle's New Dalmation

Okay okay... It was a total lie. An awful one. I looked extremely haggard and thin in this outfit. Darn! I thought I was the coolest living thing in the earth when I put on that fake coat. Boy, I was wrong. Dogged you, Michelle!

They do look ALIKE, don't they?

As usual, we were late - again! Fatass Miche, Molly and me! L-A-T-E, late... Dogged you again, Miche... Grr...

King Shih Tzu

On the way to the small set-up booth, I saw my old friend. Let's say; OLD RIVAL... King Shih Tzu was his name. He is still the same old King Shih Tzu I knew. Nothing much change. There's one! He's getting old compared to me. See for yourself... He is WHITE... Neon white...

A Schnauzer

After having some cuppa with King Shih Tzu, I walk off from that small booth and walk towards to some other booth... Not butt... It's booth. (*drooling*)

A Great Dane Harlequin Wrestles A Poodle

With my servants escorting me to another booth, I walked proudly; like Mikael Jacko...


Saw many of my OLD furry friends... (pun intended) :P

An Albino (*chuckles*)

Saw many cute little pups too...

Best Looking Lad: The Pinscher

There are too many doggies over there. Lost count...

Best Shot Taken By Molly: Pugsy

One of my servant, Miche was talking to some president from Silkynfrens Club. The other one was busy snapping pictures with her Nokia phone. F.Y.I, the quality of these photos that I've posted over here was super-low-quality. Thanks to my servant - Miche, for not recharging the digital cam. Cam phones are not that useless anyway. Thanks to Molly, I've got a few pix of my sheilas. Ooh-la-la~
They kept on taking pix of other doggies... Not me.. I'm excluded T.T But somehow, quite a number of people were attracted to me. EHEM! I manage to eavesdrop their conversation...

Fans #1: Wah lau, so damn cute la. So furry summore. Super cute loh. Take his pix first.
Fans #2: Hahhaha... I'd agree with you. He's cute...
Whisky: *Blushes*
Fans #2: Btw, the cloth that he's wearing looks cuter...
Whisky: *Stupified* "-.-

Oww.... Miche and Molly!!!

I'd manage to take some pix with both of my devoted servants. Come on you both, bark aloud and smile for the cameee-rah... :D

Good Trainer + Smart Canine = Great Stunts

After some cam-whoring session with my servants, we head back to the nearest booth where we saw a Jack Russel doing some hard-to-do stunts with his trainer. It was organised by a club (forgot what was the name)... Good job Jack O' Russel. Great show you've put on. Bravo! Bravo! I salute you... (*paws on chest*). Then, we head off to see some hot chix. Nice booo-tey...

Ooh, Cutie Pies!!!

This boooo-tey is the juciest... Oh baby, you smell so nice. I love you babey... Give me a hug... (*drooling*)


Btw, my booo-tey is not that bad too.... :D
And see that... my cropped tail is the cutest thang I've ever had... Am I right, Molly? (*grin*)

Molly Loves My Cropped Tail

Enough of walking rounds and rounds.... Let's do some flirtatious dog-walk over here to attract some bitches... (Fyi, female dogs = bitches)

Flirtatious Dog-Walk

Oh yeah!!! There she goes... there she goes again...
Black - sexy as hell, with red collar summore!!! Let's check her out...

Black Is Hot

She's a male.... =.="

Oh Bother.....

Oh my dog, brown polar bears???!!! Nice pants your servant have, big bear... :)

Chow Chow

With some flirtatious move I've done, it is unambigous that she's into me. I love big bears... Let me give you a BIG hug...

Some Romantic Moments

It was romantic... Fur-fights, hickies, huggies... It was one memorable moment. Did you tried sleeping on big furballs? That's what I'm talking about... Ooh-la-la~
Let's go! My time can't be wasted just like that... Come on, you both!

It's hard to walk them; Molly and Miche

After wandering around with my slowpokes.... (I'm harsh... Bear with me....) I'd meant my servants... I was so delighted and joyful once I bumped into my long-lost girlfriends a.k.a bitches. Oh my dog, I'm speechless...

My Chix

It was the best day I've ever had in my life. And I'm too tired to brag about it... Now, let's head back to my kennel. I'm exhausted... While I was taking a nap in the car, both of my servants have gone wild. Real wild. Ehem! Don't break my water bottle, fatass Miche!!!

What An Obscene Act??!!

Anyways, thanks you guys; Molly and Miche for giving me a kennel-break on that day. I'm very happy... Wee-hu~
And btw, I'd think I'm gonna be a dad soon. Oopsie...

Woof-ed by,
King Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Dogs As Bloggers

King Whisky.De.Bordeaux

is generally the one and only way to express my dissatisfaction that I've been through all these years. Human beings do write blogs. So why can't we? (Duh...I'm a dog). As we know, animals
DO write blogs...


Wait a minute, let's just say; this is somekind of a journal thingy... A paw print... And I should have one. Why should'nt I? Human beings call them weblog or blog. We doggies translated it into 'woof-grr-woof'; the paw-print-journal. I made that up. Simple yet elegant (that's what Skinny Rachel love to say).

Rachel: Skinny Yet Elegant (Pun Intended)

Let's move on. These are somehow the reasons why I started to have a try on this so-called mainstream hobby; blogging. Let me jot this down;

  1. To express my dissatisfaction about how my fatass owner treated me
  2. As some sort of evidence for the SPCA officials (*grin*)
  3. To help PAWS and SPCA on the outgrowing numbers of little pups in the world (*adopt one please*)
  4. Oh yeah, last but not least, to post pictures of my furry bitches (*sniff buttie time*)

"Euthanice-ly" (Pun Intended)

Lemme see... 101, 102, 103......

It is sad to see these poor innocent friends of mine being euthanized every month. What kind of barbaric act is this?! Euthanized for no reason? For dog's sake... I know, I know... I'm very LUCKY to be here (*sob*). Anyways, log onto these websites; and

Get to know more about my furry friends... Join these clubs, sign the petition, help them, save them... And be a responsible owner if you'd really plan to adopt one (Fatass Michelle, this is for you :P).

Woof-ed by;
King Whisky.De.Bordeaux