Monday, November 26, 2007

10 Things We Did Last Month

1. The Raya Mood. We have been feasting our heart out during the long Raya celebration. That is obviously one main reason why we love this country; the food was great , whether in terms of its colors or flavor, and phenomenally diversified. Since we have been going crazy over the food sold in the bazaar, it was a very wise decision for us to get a snap out of it. The bazaar that we went into were crowded with hungry people and fatty food.

2. Experimenting An Upside-Down Cake. We were curious. Thus, here goes the experiment of the Caramel Hazelnut Cake. It was infamously known as the Upside-Down Caramel Hazelnut Cake as the baked cake will then be turn over from a pan and be eaten upside down. We would love to have a Pineapple Upside-Down Cake, but the helpers insist that hazelnut will taste slightly better. Here goes the one with Hazelnut.

It was moist, airy and not to forget, nutty.

The caramel and hazelnut topping set into the base of the pan, right before the batter goes in.

We were sure that the hazelnuts were insufficient in amount. Oh well, the caramel takes the lead though.

A dollop of vanilla whipping cream infused with frangelico will be perfect for this upside-down cake.

3. Indulging In Lemon Meringue Tarts. Tarts are troublesome, unlike cupcakes. The tarts were made and cooled, coming down to the fillings whereby cooking on the stove were a part of it. The consistency and liquidity of the filling will resemble of the taste and the texture of what a lemon curd should be. Zesting the lemon zest with a small serrated knife is painstaking as thin and fine zest were needed. After spooning the fillings into the baked tarts, the egg whites were whisked together with some caster sugar to form cups of meringue. The meringue were then spooned onto the tart and a swirled effect were quickly done before popping them back into the preheated oven.

The tarts were filled with home-made lemon curd

The end result of our lemon meringue tarts. Swirls is way prettier than spikes. =)

The lemon curd was smooth and might be too watery for our liking. Blame the omission of teaspoonfuls of cornflour. Best eaten the day it was made as leftover tarts turned out to be soggy while the meringue will be less fluffy and airy.

4. Calvin's Birthday Cupcakes. We were invited over his crib for his 20th birthday, and thus goes the night of baking mini cupcakes. We tried to put in fillings by using the cone method. And voila, successfully done though cutting off the top of these mini's requires meticulous skills. Thanks to Molly, things were pretty quickly done. Compared to the cupcakes we have now, we bet that Calv's cupcakes are wickedly sweet! Millions of apologies. Oh yea, your pooch was fluffy and gorgeous. X)

Mini cupcakes filled with blueberry filling with the cone method

Main favs with less powdered sugar

Frosted cupcakes; readily to be packed into cake boxes

From the first row to the last; Chocolate Ganache & Choc Bars Cupcakes, Coffee Cupcakes, Strawberry Cupcakes, Peanut Butter & Choc Cupcakes, Blueberry Cupcakes.

5. Galdon Gan & Rachel Koh's Cupcakes. One box were presented to Galdon while the other were given to our lovey dovey kickass joker; Rachel Koh. The cupcakes were only taken the day after it was made. Some of the frosting has melted. We know, we know. Some look ooey goey and not that pretty. We are dogdamn sorry. We'll promise to get you guys pretty cupcakes the next time we see you. (*Fingers crossed*)

6. Buttday Celebration With Mandy. It was fun. A get-together with people whom we care about is down right fun and cozy. The actual cake was a Durian Mousse Cake. Unfortunately, there were none of them. Blame the season. The weather. One biggaboo Black & White Chocolate Nut Cake were given to her. We had not have any chance to grab a bite out of the cake though since we've been fed fully with grilled meats and seafoods. =)

The vanilla sponges were filled with white chocolate and dark chocolate mousse.

It was then coated with chocolate ganache and buttercream rosettes. Last but not least, toasted almond flakes and whole walnuts.


The piping were badly done - as usual. May she love what Molly and both of us had done. =)

7. Kids College Cupcakes.
We sounded THAT old. We preferred calling our brothers (rivals of the throne) as kids more than any other names. So, in the reality world, we're THIS young. Back to the cupcakes, the kids were going to have a get-together in the college and requested a few boxes of chocolate cupcakes. We wondered and suggests them to dine in a fine dining cum mamak stall, they insisted to bring their fellow friends the cupcakes. It was weird, till we found out one day, from one of their MSN message, written; "10s 4 ur cupcakes. It taste nice n now we know u r a good baker. I luv d cream. Miss u." Oh doggy.

Vegan Chocolate Cake, waiting to be frosted

Marble Orange Cupcake

Chocolate Ganache Cake With White Choc Flakes

Chocolate With Chocolate Ganache And Choc Bar

Marble Orange Cupcake With White Chocolate And Orange Segments Frosting

The overall chocolate collection

8. Munka's Buttday Celebration. The cake were bought as we were real busy that week. Keng throw a surprise party to Munka. And here goes the shots of happy people chilling in a dark, gloomy and secluded room. May you get the best MS with fuzziest chest in the world! X)

Smile for the camehhhrahh

"I wish that I'll be having the fuzziest MS in the world" =P

Munka =)

9. Playing with the Baker Barks Bakerie logo. It was time-wasting since we've already decided to dump them into the recycle bin. Brainstorming for the right logo was in fact tiresome and bothersome. We'll try, we'll try.

10. Playing with Le Bakerie's logo.
We guess we better lay off our hands from the computer. The second design and background layout to be dump into the recycle bin. There'll be third, there'll be... Years to come.