Monday, December 18, 2006

Fatass Michelle's 91st Buttday

Once again.
Master Whisky right here.
Blogging again.
About buttdays.
Who's buttdays up next???
Very well.
It's my SERVANT'S!!!
Fatass Michelle, to be precise.
Oopsie, typing error, it was 19th buttday.
Just let it be 91st because no one will know.
P/s; Fatass Mich's ageing. She DO look like she's turning into 91 though. Serious offence. Bark Out Loud.
Now, I've dedicated this part of paw-prints post to Fatass Mich!
Not much descriptions, words, sayings etc.
Like the old adage goes, a picture is worth a thousand gazzilion of words.
By the way, I made Fatass Mich some delicious chocolate brownies.
Like master, like servant. Fatass Mich know how to bake simple cakes; her master knows about it too.
Threesfold of knowledge about it.
Had just bake some hot and fresh choc brownies for my servant; Fatass Mich!
Boy, I'm a good young pup, old woman... (*winks*)


Hee-hoo... Bark Out Loud. Love you loads. Bow-wow.

Signing out;

Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux