Saturday, April 28, 2007

Tit Bites, Tidbits!

While pa and ma were away for a few days, Fatass Michelle and I went over to the Jap store to get some tidbits. To be precise, the Jap store we meant was 100 yen. And we rampage the store, mumbling in Jap doggy languages and mimicking Fatass Michelle's eyes. Offensive, but true. We gave the supervisor of the stall an outrageous remark. We looked like we were starved for years by then... Boy, it was embarrassing. The snacks were sold at the price ranging from +/-RM4.90. The packaging were all attractive and contrast. It's hard to tell which taste better though. NVM. Have some doggy faith, and everything will end up well, hopefully.

So, we had these toy story cookies, filled with chocolate and vanilla cream.

Cheese cream biscuit sandwich. Nothing special, as we had these in Malaysia too, but oh well, it's addictive.

Morinaga chocolate chip cookies, baked with loads of chips which chocolate lovers can hardly resist.

Our fav, rose flavoured biscuits. Super yummy, but not as good as the coffee's. A melt-in-your-mouth bix!

We had the healthy kinds too. We consider creams with any fruits in those cookies as healthy. Mind us. For instance, pineapple cream.

And not to forget, bix with strawberry cream...

Last but not least, the orange cream. Citrus creams sandwiched with chocolate cookies.

Speaking of chocolate, we grab a few Dars chocolate with us too. The upper one is the dark one.

This is the white one.

Doggy and cereals! Wee~

Laver bix? At first glance, I thought it was spelt as LAYER, not laver. But then, I'm still wondering what's this thing over here. Not to worry, as long as it's edible. Browsing the mart was uber fun. There's loads of creative ideas and convenient cooking and baking utensils. At the price below RM10, it's a snatch!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Apples And Cupcakes

I had no idea how to sum things up. So, let's play Fatass Michelle's lame ABC game...

Bark aloud while I'll be sinking my teeth into these healthy C-grade babies, Apple Streusel And Chocolate Cupcakes...

A for apple

B for baked

C for chocolate cupcakes

Done! As easy as D-O-G...

Thoughts Of A Mini Sacher Torte

As we have some of the frozen strawberry fillings left, we were dogdamn lucky that we have stumbled upon a recipe which would kill them all. Sacher Torte's. There are various recipes for this torte. Some of them will include apricot jam as one of the main ingredient. Since we only had the leftover pink jam, Family Circle's recipe was chosen. It was formerly an 8 inches torte. However, we made half batch and turned them into smaller mini's; cupcakes. Yield; 24 mini's.

Sacher Torte (adapted from Family Circle's)

For the cake;
1/2 cup plain flour or 1/2 cup superfine flour
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1/2 cup caster sugar
50g butter
40g strawberry jam
2 egg yolks
2 egg whites

For the ganache topping;
1/3 cup cream
100g dark chocolate, chopped
20g strawberry jam, melted into a smooth and thick mixture
2 tablespoons caster sugar

1. Preheat the oven 180''C. Prepare the cupcake tin
2. Sift flour and cocoa powder into a large bowl. Make a well in the centre. This is the flour mixture. Set aside.
3. Combine the sugar, butter and jam in a small pan. Stir over low heat until butter is melted and sugar has dissolved, then add to the flour mixture, and add in the egg yolks. Stir until combined. This is the cake mixture.
4. Beat the egg whites until soft peaks formed. Stir one third of these egg white into the cake mixture, then fold in the remainder in 2 batches.
5. Spoon batter into cupcake tin 3/4 full. Bake for 12-15 minutes. Cool cupcakes onto a wire rack.
6. To make topping, stir the cream, chocolate and sugar over low heat until mixture is melted and smooth. If the mixture begins to separate, stir in 1/2 tablespoon water. Brush melted strawberry jam on top of the cupcakes. Spread the ganache topping by using a spatula.

It was not as crumbly as I and Fatass Michelle had expected. But oh well, we can smell the berries once it's baked.

Topped with the usual frosting, cream ganache. Wanted to try on piped creams, but we were too afraid that icing cream and these tortes does not blend in together. Besides, Fatass's piping skills were as bad as a kindie kid. Sticked to the old plate thingie I guessed.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Layerings Of The Eleven

Pa's fav goodie of all time, which consumes Fatass's non-quality time and my precious time. It will be soon gone if there's any of these cakes had encaptured his eyes. Elders love layer cakes, all the time. Well, mostly all of them do. Okay, maybe.

People we knew used to call these layer cakes in Bahasa Melayu form. Yes, it's none other than this translated word; kuih lapis. Repeat the whole process of pouring a thin amount of the batter every 10 to 15 mins. That's how the layering works. Try to think of making 20 layers, Fatass Michelle and I would probably drop dead. She'll be the first since she belonged to the fatter side. (*Devilish Grin*)

We managed to do 11 layers, given an insufficient amount of batter we had mixed. Speaking of the batter, I hate to admit that separating the yolks from the whites is sort of tiring. 9 egg yolks and 6 egg whites. Think about it. But the outcome will make you think otherwise. Hear that, Fatass?

Thinly sliced, and stored into ONE tupperware. Just one. That's very few of them though. And in one day, these flat eggy babies were soon gone. Thanks to dad. (*Smiles*)

Fast Food. How Fast Would It Be?

When you're dogdamn hungry, do bark loudly, in a polite manner, showing how you're really feeling right now. Breathe in, sucked those fats in, rub your flat stomach and put up a dull, lethargic expression. Bite your paws, or if you want to go overboard without anyone suspecting, chew your paws. Hardly. Warning! Do not fart! You will end up with nothing good. No solid food, nor beef-sticks. So, I let out only a pint of foul gases, is that the main reason why you're starving me to death? Fatass Michelle, my loyal dumb servant, apologized, saying that she will bring me some food which largely contain carbs. That'll be good. Apologies accepted. Fast, I'm starving.

Bought a baguette, and baked them in the oven. For better tasting, I suggested wonderful add-ons. Real garlic chunks and chopped parsley sprinkled on both sides of the baguette, which Fatass had spread Tru Blue's garlic butter spread, which has a very garlicky fragant, before hand.

Wrapped into the foil, popping them into the oven for 15 minutes. Voila!

garlic toast is ready!

For more varieties of carbs product, we bought a loaf of chicken floss bread in a local bakery shop to be served as snacks. Snacks, as a subtitution goodie for my daily casual tasty snack; beef-sticks. Ma's not around, no beef-sticks bought. How sad.

Very brilliant idea, stuffing flosses into the bread, with swirling effect. Soft and spongy white bread, freshly baked from preheated ovens. Good snack, good snack.

While I'm snacking, Fatass would be working out her collections. Another C-grade baby, the peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

Again, I suggested that we should use one tube of PB jam, specifically, with strawberry and PB jam. The aroma of strawberry can be smelt, but not too strong. The outcome was okay.

Lucky us for dumping the choc chips into the dough because the PB cookie will not ever make it into my stomach though it's chewy and aromatic. The PB cookie alone is bland. So, PB cookie and choc chips would get along better, like how Fatass and I are now. Ahoy, ahoy.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Look Pa! Look At What I Have Done To Your Baby While You Are Away

What the doggy?! Canary, which was once Pa's old baby which have been handed down to his heir and heiress. Once damaged, Pa, being a fussy avid automobile, will hurriedly repair his babies. Had been smashed once, click here for this baby Canary history. Now, been banged, few scratches which looks like Rufus's vice were to be clearly and nicely seen, after cleaning those white scraps off. Compensated for RM120. Not much moolah she had, that's what the scared-to-death girl have been saying. Bark no sorry. I've been wondering, should Fatass beg for more moolah? Poor thing. Piggy bank gonna dries up soon. Oh doggy.

Browsing For Brownies

Snacks, breads and brownies. That's what we used to fill up our empty stomach every noon. Eventually, both of us; Fatass Michelle and I, got so frustrated over our C-graded brownies. Very dry and lack of what a good stereotype of a brownie should be. Eventually, we ended up browsing through bakery stores, not far from our kennels, just to seek for a good ol brownie. Surprising as it sounds, Tong Kee's Bakery store had the best brownie yet, much better than Secret Recipe's. Call us cheapo. Yes, we are. Thankyou for that statement you've been dying to say. I don't really mind as Tong Kee's really did have an A-graded brownie which we crave for.

As most people have already know, Tong Kee's made quite a name out of themselves, by selling their super yummy egg tarts. Hot or cold the tarts would be, it still tastes good. Real good. Barking about tarts served from the oven, we will be super euphoric by then. Filled with loads of eggy, baked into a soft, flaky, shortcrust pastry tart. Best egg tart we've eaten. Wander over to our next fav, the moistful brownies!

Wrapped up into an aluminium foil. Boy, that's good.

I've never thought of that! Ever!

At RM1.80 each, it's a catch. Cheap and super yummy. Can really smell the aroma of cocoa and walnuts, apparently these baby walnuts were toasted and baked together with the brownies. Although it was served cold, the brownies were still crumbly once bitten by me. Great, wasn't that.

Very moist, that quite sums it all up, a great yummy brownie we had for our lunch. Before getting ourselves back to our cozy little kennel, Fatass Michelle got herself a pack of pineapple tarts, which consists 12 pieces. RM4, boy, it's cheap. Size of a thumb. Not that cheap huh. But, it was addictive!

They, specifically, had these pineapple tarts packed into two packaging. One was PINEAPPLE TART (BUTTER). The other was PINEAPPLE TART. We've chosen the one with brackets and butter.

Smells buttery and lucious chunky pineapple fillings they were made of. Not the smoother, look-alike paste. Fatass finished them just in an hour. That was fast...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Craving For Rich Chocolate Sticks

Very well, we've been craving on these teeny weeny snacks these days. Thanks to Ma and Pa, they were on some sort of vacation cum work holiday. Talking of being a chocolate addict, or to some, they will refer to the newly profound noun; chocoholic, Fatass Michelle's one of them. Apart from being a chocoholic, it's unambigous that she had been putting on weight since her last year of college. Rather than having something low-caloried, she plans to shed off her tonnes during her coming glorious varsity days. Let's stop ranting about Fatass, and wander off to our main topic of the paw prints post. These snacks were generally imported from Japan and Korea, it's easy to get them. Just hand over your Visa or Mastercard to us. All the latest Jap snacks will come to you in no time! (*Chuckles*) Honestly, Jap snacks like this can be found anywhere now, precisely, I'm just barking that you can get it from any 100 yen stores. Yes, 100 yen stores. Very convenient. The Japs are creative, no doubt. They had many range of KAWAII goodies, chicks, hunks and doggies. No wonder they are famous if you compare them with me.

Yes, that's very KAWAII indeed, Fat Rufus! These cute and fancy Jap snacks were sold cheaply. It depends. Different goodies, different charges. As I've always been there to visit Kiddy for the past few months, the box of chocolate sticks was a big hit. Sold off every now and then. Anyhow, there were varieties of brands, though we're now refering to the sticks. Different brands, different content of cocoa in the chocolate. Amusing and well, as long as it's chocolatey and sweet, no one would care to differentiate whether it's a product manufactured by Ah Beng company or Meiji company.

For the first, it was a little goodie from Lotte. Japan. Real chocolate stuffing, stiff-like ones.

Do not drip anywhere, as you can see, it can withstand our country's humidity. Well, that should be a good idea which the Japs would think of.

Generous fillings, sadly, Fatass and I wished that they were creamier. (*Lick Paws*)

Moving on to the next product, Korea-made. Orion's chocolate sticks. This one is a real big hit if being compared with Lotte's. Schoolgirls would go crazy for this. Thanks to the young and glitzy celebs for promoting these cocoa related goodies, TVXQ, which was also known as DBSK.

Yun Ho should be in the other side of it though, cause he rocks the dancefloor as much as Mikael Jacko did.

Talking about the fillings, super creamy. Tastier than the other one we had. Once the packets were teared off, you can see the creams flowing. Not really flowing, hmm, it's more like, dripping slowly, if it's under the sun. BOL. Crunchier shells they made, to be precise, it's the wheat bix. Am craving for more. Not the celebs, but the chocolate sticks. Yum. Off we go, for more chocs...

Look Ma! Loh Mai Kai

We've been missing mum and dad already. They went for their holis, that's what I've guessed, I guess? Fatass Michelle and I miss ma's shoutings and naggings. Misses pa's old but logical grandmother stories with loads of proverbs and motivational phrases attached, spoken, not in the form of written material. So, as Fatass and I have been going huh-hah over the helpers' cookings, lack of mother's love in those dishes they've made, I came up with a brilliant solution, which will curb our hunger for mama's love. By staring at the pictures of Fatass's mum homecooked food, that would be helpful. At the very least. I drooled.

Fatass is still drooling though. The very homemade Loh Mai Kai. Translated as the glutinous rice chicken. Or the other way round, chicken glutinous rice. Whatever will do, as long as it's edible, and has a stereotypical name on them.

That was a shot, taken last weekend. Scrumptious as it looks. Glutinous rice were boiled and stir-fry with brown sauces. Oyster sauce, soy sauce, black sauce. Does not accurately followed any recipe, it was mom's very own altered flavor. As long as it tasted good and addictive. Rice wine! That's where the glutinous rice gets all hyped up, unleashing its aroma. Does rice had any aroma? Nah, not bothered by that pretty confusing and factful question.

Yum, yum. We had a big bite on it.

And we get to fill in the lucious fillings which comprises of boneless marinated chicken meat and sweet waxed meat.

Filling them as much as Fatass Mich and I wanted, in a big old porcelain bowl. An antique set. BOL. Hit me, ma! Hit me.

And with that option, we also do have the opportunity to get ouselves biggies. Real big bowls, with loads of fillings. Moistful. With great to taste sauces. Unlike other stalls, which was quite dry, where we can use them to play frisbees. Wee, frisbees!

Size of a big fat hand, owned by a big fat fatass, Fatass Mich. Big Ol steamy and hot Loh Mai Kai we've eaten.

Ma, pa, please come back asap, only if you bring back some dark bittersweet chocolate goodies for both of us. With loads of love and grins, Fatass Michelle and me, myself.