Monday, December 18, 2006

Steven's 23rd Buttday

I hate buttdays. Anyway, here it goes. Happy Buttday Steven. Oh god, it's Fatass Mich's brother's buttday. 3 buttdays in a month. Lemme see; Crystal's on the 16th, while Fatass Mich's and Steven's falls on the 18th. Duhhh... I told you I hate buttdays. Be nice! (=.=) Here's a glance of some doggie candid shots taken by I-dunno-who of Steven; a lanky guy going through a life of a real man. Anyway, I do not know what I'm barking though. So, be it. Ooh la-la~

Well, I've got nothing for Steven. Same goes to Fatass Mich. Yea, there is one!!! For Steven right here! Get over it, Fatass Mich! (Bark Out Loud). I know you're a M.U supporter, Steven. Manchester United. Well, I'll change my mind then, that is to support M.U rather than Chelsea. "M.U bow-wow"!!!

As usual, like the old routine, I'll end this up with a holy wish to you, my man; Steven. Live life to its fullest, not-so-young man. BOL. Barking out loud with a higher pitching of mine; HAPPY 23rd BUTTDAY STEVEN!!! (*coughs*) Mind you! Hmmph!

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux