Sunday, December 24, 2006

White Christmas With Fatties

Once again, she forced me to post this one too! Begged me. Threatened me. Cussed me. Yes, it's Christmas on the 25th. I was hoping for green xmas. Or maybe something else. Not a white one. White reminds me of Fatto Rufus. That fatto! He's getting more and more admirers, fans and huggies. Darn.

And here's another Fatto in the WHITE CHRISTMAS mood with doggie Christmas tree in her sweaty hands. That's the coolest gift of all. Doggie dogga doggone tree!!! And it's GREEN. No more white xmas for you fatos. Fatos fatties fatasses!!!

There's more. More of Fatass Michs' ideas for a better white christmas celebration. She mean it though. And here's one of them. A white christmas poo for her buds?? What the doggie?! Okay. It's a strawberry mousse with white choc poo-poos, I guess... (*chuckles*)

And here's another buttday shout-out for lil Andrew. Happy Buttday lil fella. He's nice and naughty. Anyways, give me a pat on my back if you're interested in knowing him. He's single and available. (*smiles*)

And it's so unambigous that I'm getting lazier with words. This is sorta photoblog. So, bear with it. (*chuckles*). Once again, Merry Christmas. Bow-wow-wow. May god bless we doggies. (*halleluyah*)

Signing out;

Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux