Sunday, November 26, 2006

Cuss For Custard

It was a felicitous sight to see Fatass Mich hiding in the kitchen; experiencing her custards and tartlets yesterday night. To be more precise, experiencing means eating. More like bingeing though. She kept tasting each and every piece of it to see what's wrong with them. Somehow, her clueless expression reminds me of Porky; a glutton fatass pig.

Whisky : Hey Mich, can you switch on the PC for me?
Fatass Mich : Give me ten minutes. (*winks*)
Whisky : Ermmm, what's that?? (*drooling*)
Fatass Mich : What's what?
Whisky : That one! The some-sort-of-bread-with-yellow-fillings thingie.

Fatass Mich : Custard muffins and erm... Custard tarts. You seem to be interested in these custard muffins and tarts. Anyway, I didn't save any for you. (*grabbing another piece while chewing one*)
Whisky : Oh-okay. I knew it. You know; I'm allergy to homemade foods. Especially yours.
Fatass Mich : Oh. Yea, that is why I didn't save any for you. (*grabbing another piece again*)
Whisky : Ohh-okay. (*gulp*)

Fatass Mich : Oh dog! I'll be gaining more weight if this bingeing-lifestyle of mine doesn't stop! (*licking her fingers*)

Whisky : And that is why I am here now, that is to help you, owner! I will sacrifice myself just to help you, Porky.
Fatass Mich : I AM the one who sacrifice for you cus you've just told me that you're allergic to these muffins and tarts. (*grabbing the custard muffin*)
Whisky : Oh yea, Rufus and I are now best friends.
Fatass Mich : Oh, that's great... (*chewing*)
Whisky : Yea, and I let him out of his kennel just now. He barked that he wanted to venture into KL city. He said he will be coming home soon, on one condition; if he's not lost. So, as a best friend of his, I let him out. (*smiled*)
Fatass Mich : WHAT?!! He's a baby. How can you believe what a pup says? RUFUS~ (*rush to her car*)

That is how I manage to grab a bite of the mini custard muffins and custard tarts. BOL. While chewing my mini muffins, I saw 2 containers which contain more muffins and tarts. It was arranged in an artful way. Not very artful but at least, it looks like a-a-a... A dog's paw-print! And I guess that's for Rufus and-and me... (*touched*)

Fatass Mich : What the dog?! You lied! (*panting*)
Whisky : Okay-okay. I'm sorry. That dumb albino pup is still in his kennel! (*swallowed what he's chewing*)
Fatass Mich : NOOO!!! I thought you say you're allergic to home-made foods; especially mine. (*grin*)
Whisky : Erm.... Custard's an exception. Oooo, custardsssss~ (*drooling*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Rachel Koh's 19th Buttday

Like I've used to say; I should have posted this paw-prints-post on the day it supposed to be. It was Rachel Koh's buttday. I assume that it was a Chihuahua's buttday. I do not know why. Hate me, swear me or cast some quick-mix voodoo spells on me. To me, she does really resembles a fawn Chihuahua. Chic-huahua or Chihuahua; it's always Rachel Koh. Ask anyone... "What dog breed would Rachel Koh be?" I can assure you that 90% of them will be saying; "A Chihuahua!" Skinny (Rach's loving it! She thinks that being skinny has many advantages. I say; YES and NO...), tiny, fair, very friendly and chatty. Yes, a typical fawn Chihuahua we have over here. Yea, I'm harsh! But hey, a Chihuahua is adorable, don't you think so??

A cuteyyy. Okay, cut the crap. So, Fatass Mich have been transferring images from her rusty cam-phone to the PC the past few weeks due to lack of memory. I manage to see some vain cam-whoring pix. Correct me! Whole lots of them. Browsing through the folder; named as "Vainest", I saw a few shots of Rachel Koh's blur but superbly interesting pictures. Come to think of it, it was hilarious to see the resemblance of a Chihuahua wearing a pair of socks with Chihuahuas-designs on it. Hit me! It was funny, but very cute indeed(*devilish grin*).

She does know how to pose well. Elegantly posed (*winks*). Ask Servante' De Molly for further details if you're interested in this Chic-huahua right here (*smiled*).

Hmm, she was cute though. People love her, no doubt! No wonder she has loads of admirers. Dozens and perhaps, it may be hundreds of them! Hmm... (*staring at Fatass Mich sarcastically*). Get over it Fatass Mich! BOL (Bark Out Loud).

Okay, let's get this straight to the point. A fawn Chihuahua was born on the 3rd of November 1987. Just kidding. I was saying "Rachel Koh". So, it was her 19th birthday this year. It's 22nd of November today. Well, Fatass Mich and Molly wanted to wish Rachel Koh a happy belated birthday through my paw-prints-post. I thought there was a dinner or something for her but there's only a home-made card was given to her (*disappointed*). Bad organizer. Yes, I'm refering to Fatass Mich.

To end this paw-prints-post nicely, I think it's time for me to shout out loud about this; Happy Belated Buttday, Chihuahua. Oopsie. What I was trying to say was Rachel Koh... (*smiled sheepishly*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

When Pup Meets Ass

"My neighbour has lost her puppy and is desperate in finding him. She does a lot of travelling and always brings her dog with her. Yesterday, she was sitting on the couch, watching TV when she realized she hasn't seen her pup in a while and can't even begin to think when or where she last saw him. She has been putting up signs everywhere. (See the picture below). If you have seen this dog, please let me know and I will notify her. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance."

It was one of those forwarded emails that I've got. The situation was quite similar. Fat asses and innocent lil pupsies. It DOES remind me of Fatass Mich and I. Poor pupsie. He died of suffocation or perhaps, the woman's fart killed him. So, let's pray for the unfortunate asphyxiated-pup! Amen.

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

What Dog Breed Would You Be?

Discover Your Dog Breed @ Quiz Meme

Yes, I AM not a typical Australian Silky Terrier! (*cheers*)... But I am somehow blood-related to the Australian Terrier. It's our coats that differs. We are quite similar in temperaments though; that's what a true terrier is... (*winks*). Anyway, did you ever think of what dog breed would you be in your doggie-life? You might be a Chihuahua in your doggie-life; if you're tiny, skinny and hard to please. Hmm, maybe a Beagle; if you can smell a dog's poo from miles away. Perhaps you might be an English Bulldog; if you're fat, stubby and emotional. Or maybe something else! Check them out from this website; Have fun pupsies!

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux

Saturday, November 18, 2006

All About Truth

Fatass Mich: Here's a game specially created for low IQ dogs like you. I'll give you a beef-stick if you can get the answers right. Each phrase you bark from now on must consists at least one word that is related to the word 'true'; i.e true/truer/truth... Gimme 20 of it...
Whisky: True, truth, truer, truly, truthful...
Fatass Mich : Heheh.. That's why I love you the most, cus you're the lamest pet I've ever had!
Whisky : Hey, it's just warm-up. Don't be so mean!

Fatass Mich : So, tell me...
Whisky : Since you are unoccupied these days, it'll be fine if I blog day and night non-stop; blogging about the true-life of me and my servants. True stories and happenings about you and me! Okay, cut the untrue crap! No true happenings of you what-so-ever anyway! So fyi, I'm going to blog about this 'truth-game'. That paw-prints-post will be titled "All About Truth". I'm truly grateful to came across with a stack of stickers last night. Not to forget that I'm also truly thankful to get these free 'truth' stickers, sponsored by The Truth About Anyway, it's just a piece of collective stickers with the word 'true' printed on it; for foc. This is true since I'm one truthful doggie. With these 'truth' stickers, implications of the truth about being Fatass Michelle's pet would be much more easier. The truth does matter! And it's truer than the truth itself. So, here I am now, revealing the doggie-truth... (*drum rolls*)
Fatass Mich : Are you suffering from Alzheimer's disease?
Whisky :
Hehheh... (*cheeky smile*)
Fatass Mich : Don't give me that smile. I don't buy that. As I've expected, you have a balanced standard of EQ but a very low IQ. It's only 19 of them... Poor you... (*devilish grin*)
Whisky : Hmm, you're so right, my untrustworthy servant (*interpreting Einstein's expression*)
Fatass Mich : Darn!

Truth rocks! Like what Robertson Davies used to say; the love of truth lies at the root of much humor. Happy reading. (*winks*)

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux