Thursday, August 2, 2007

Hundreds Of Cupcakes To Be Served

It was one of Fatass's cousin's buttday. The day was hectic and fun by itself. Inclusive of the party alone, gorgeous peeps, cute buttday cupcakes. It was so lame to say that we've stayed up late till the next morning just to watch over the unbaked turns into baked goods. Precisely, we've never sleep for that particular happy day. Watching over 130 cupcakes to be nicely decorated, what is not to be raved about? And yes, we nearly fell asleep during some morning classes. Embarrassing, but yet, we are happy to know that we've successfully made more than one batch of buttday cupcakes for the buttday boy, Keff. Picture below; Keng and Keff.

It was worth it. I don't care whether Fatass had eye bags or additional wrinkles. At least, we can know how long it'll take us to get things done before the party starts. Practice makes perfect, and this had generally seeded our interest into bulk-baking cum catering. Hmm, musing as a party planner perhaps?

One sleepless night is equivalent to 130 mini cupcakes, 35 chicken floss buns and 2 trays of pandan coconut sago. Yes, that's what we call satisfaction. We start off our work during late midnight, after Fatass had her lessons and after her usual dog nap. Shall I say porky's nap? Joining the allies, which is me myself, the one and only; we've planned the ideas and which to dump into the electric mixer first. (*Beaming*). We don't need to think that hard though. Decisions were easily made - by me, myself. Well, the dough for the bread will go first. Cause proofing needs time. And thus, the dough for the buns were kneaded and set aside for proofing.

While proofing, we tuned into baby cupcakes. 2 batches. One was the vanilla cupcakes from 52 cupcakes; Billy's Vanilla Cupcakes.

The other was Devil's Food, which is super moist. The best Devil's food cupcake though. Tasted great without any icings or creams on it.

Close-up; very very moist. Love it though it's served alone. (*Lick Paws*)

Back to the buns, shaping the dough of the buns were incurred. Ahoy, to the pre-heated oven!

It was all unstandardized. The shape, color and the size. Taught us something new; which is an egg yolk is better than a beaten whole egg when it comes to glazing.

Yet importantly, the texture must be as spongy and soft so that it would look like a BUN. We were opting for a spongy and very airy bun though.

When baby cupcakes and empty buns were let cool in the far end corner, which is somewhere near my kennel, Fatass Michelle and I ran to the wet kitchen to get the pot and water ready.

Boil baby, boil. That's what we were to do when things are going way too slow. The sagos and pandan leaves were prepared and put aside. Once the water is boiled, the pandan sago can be cooked just in no time. It took us 30 minutes for these kuehs/kuihs; Pandan Coconut Sago to be fully cooked. After cooling them on the trays, we put the trays into the icebox. After some time, we got them out and roll them over with fresh and young white coconuts rather than old or dessicated ones.

Now, down to 2 baked goods; the cupcakes and the buns. Chicken Floss Bun were chosen to enlighten the party. Slabbed a tablespoonfuls of mayo mixture into the buns and garnished the top with chicken floss. Voila! Chicken Floss Buns with ugly presentation were all unprofessionally done!

As the presentation is always very crucial to us; C-grade bakers, we quickly grab a bunch of fresh parsley from the refrigerator. Washed and chopped the parsleys. Topped the buns with parsley. Big difference, thanks to those leafy green parsley!

Since Oreo Cookies And Cream Cupcakes were a hit among the kids, we used all the devil's food cupcakes as the base rather than the usual; vanilla cupcakes.

Overview of the cupcakes after tonnes of Oreo chunks were blend in together with the whipped vanilla buttercream. We've reduce the icing in the cream as the Oreo's cream is already sweet enough for our liking.

Before moving forward to the last batch of cupcakes; Billy's vanilla cupcakes, we kneaded some pink roses cum sugarpastes and the leaves. Presentation DO really add marks! I'll rather put my effort in decorating the baked goods than baking a good food. Slaughter me! :P

For the first vanilla cupcake to be frosted, we opt for orange coloring with a little hint of orange liquer; Cointreau. Topped them off with yellow pollens and pink rose buds. Cointreau And Roses Cupcakes.

Next up, the usual vanilla buttercream with purple coloring infused with it. Topped them off with sugarpastes; green leaves and pink rose buds.

Simply named; Roses Cupcakes.

Since the buttday boy were into sports especially futsal and basketball, we came up with the idea of slabbing the orange flavored cream with orange coloring onto the surface of the cupcake. And then, piping melted chocolate as the linings to replicate a basketball. Basketball Look-Alike Cupcakes. Bad linings! Messy. Messy. Messy.

The most satisfying decorated cupcake of the day was none the other than this; Coffee Whipped Butercream With Vanilla Cupcake. The cream was a mixture of whipping cream and buttercream, with an additional of 2 tablespoons of Nescafe powder. Love the swirls and the cream. It's so mini and best of all, it's so POOLICIOUS. Cousins said it looked cute JUST because it looks like a freshly brewed poo.

My favourite of all. (*Lick Paws*)

The group shots were great. Vibrant colors can be seen. The hundreds of baby cupcakes took the space of 2 large trays.

Super satisfying once we look at this. But then, after looking at the mirror, we saw two wear-out exhausted SADAKOS. Shockingly devastating...

Keng's muffins; dubbed as the Giraffe Muffin (the white choc muffin with choc rice) and the Leopard Muffin (the dark choc muffin with choc chips) were not too bad.

It was a very cute batch. Thumbs up, gurl. We didn't even manage to find a cover to cover up the entire tray. Plastic wrapper can't help either, cause the cream will stick to the plastic, hence, destroy the decor.

So, without wasting our time, we sent over the cupcakes. Cousins; Munka and Keng help out. One worthy shot; dubbed cupcake porn shot, which doesn't belongs to Fatass. (*Dumb-founded*)

The trays were nicely arranged. Far end corner. We tried doing surveys by scrutinizing the trays 24/7. Oreo's cupcakes were swept out in no time. The second was the tray of pandan coconut sago. Others were left cooled once more... (*Weeps*)

Baby niece; Yanyan was there to enlighten the atmosphere! She's a well-known cream-eater monster. She'll lick creams and fancy sugarpastes! That's what we love about her. She'll eat all those rose buds in no time though the cream doesn't taste as good as it looks. By then, our cupcakes would look as if it's very very well received by EVERYONE. (*Bwahahaha*)

As Fatass were busy chewing her food and cupcakes, I managed to get some shots of gorgeous cousins over there. L-R; Fu and Keng, Chee Mun and Munka.

The birthday boy cake was pwetty beautiful. Pwetty. Love the combinations. The upper layer was made out of pandan cream and vanilla sponges while the lower layer consists of chocolate buttercream and chocolate sponge. Tasted good though. Speaking of which, we've gotten ourselves full reports aka reviews of our baked goods on the same day itself.

For the pandan coconut sago, 1 and a half tray of it had vanished for good once it was served on the party table. Last half? Volunteers tapau-ed it. They said it tasted so good; that they say we shouldn't make anymore cupcakes whenever there's party catering involved. =.=

The buns were C-okay. It was all gone. At the beginning, it were altogether 35 buns. Peeps who were invited were almost around 60++. Do the math. No wonder. We ate a piece though, the buns were not as airy and soft as the freshly baked ones. This call for more experiments! =)

Oreo Cookies & Cream Cupcakes - the kids love it. The elders said it was too sweet for their liking. Roses Cupcakes - the kids love the sugarpastes. The elders said this is what they call healthy cupcakes. Whathedoggy.

Coffee Whipped Buttercream With Vanilla Cupcakes - swept out, thanks to Fatass. It tasted good. Cupcake of the day. Elders love it because it tasted coffee-ish. Fatass, personally ate more than she should. Cointreau And Roses Cupcakes - baby niece licks all the cream off. Only managed to make half a dozen.
Basketball Look-Alike Cupcakes - tasted rather bland. Should have opt for the chocolate ganache filling. But then, the cupcakes were too small. Or shall I say; I'm too lazy to cut its cone off. Nevertheless, the cupcakes were all gone on that particular happy day. Only one survived. ONE. Yay. =)