Saturday, August 4, 2007

Do You Like It Fried Or Baked?

When experimented goods turned out ugly or shall we say when the whole experimenting session have failed, one would kept calculating the losses he made. Losses - in terms of cents and ringgits. Maybe the determined ones would act otherwise; reread the methods and repeat the whole experiment, hoping to get it right for the next attempt. Basically, we were both happy to know that both of us; Fatass and I aren't the determined peeps aka C-grade bakers. We would opt for a better solution, which is to tell the one who tried the C-gradies that it's the newer version of C-grade yummies. For instance, when a macaroon turns out unbaked and still soft, we'll have the tendency to say it's a form of a new vanilla cum egg whites cream which is very low fat. Outcome? The suceeded and failed baked goods will be served and eaten without any doubts. Though high risk were taken, none were hospitalized till today. (*Uber Devilish Grin*)

Same goes to my puffs. Curry puffs. As the topic has says it all, the issue of this post typically focuses on the methods used for these puffs to be safely eaten. One, to be baked in the oven. The other was none the other than frying it on the pan.

But first and foremost, the most crucial part is to settle the fillings; curry chicken with cubed potatoes. Judge the fillings, followed by the pastry. After wrapping the fillings into the prepared floured pastry, we divided them into two batches.

The first batch were sent to hell, deep fried into a pot of oil. Shout babies, shout! (*Devilish Laughter*)

Turns out to be more appetizing and pimply. But then, it's dogdamn cute to tease its special zits. Thanks to the egg whites which we uses it to brush on the pastries.

And here's the close-up of the Fried Curry Chicken Puffs. Oily but then when it is left cooled on wire racks, it'll be not as oily as the first time it is taken out from the pan. Common sense, come on; a note to Fatass. (*Winks*)

Next up, to lead the unbaked puffs to the sauna cum steam bath cum massage area. OVEN. That's more like it.

Look at the close-up of the Baked Chicken Curry Puffs. The skin of the pastry were smoother and paler in color.

And for now, the comparison between the fried and baked puffs. For my health purpose, I'll rather go with the baked curry puffs. But then, I can swallow down more than a dozen of puffs if it's fried! Taste wise, pastry is flakier when deep fry. Lost count of the most important quality in a curry chicken puff; which is none the other than its fillings itself. We realized that the taste of the fillings were more aromatic and addictive (if you're a curry lover) if it's baked. You can easily taste the curry chicken, surprisingly. Thought that the different methods of cooking these puffs would not affect the taste of the fillings. Thanks to Pa, we have finally master the way to judge a Curry Puff. Lame us.

Here's the last set of Pipit's shots.

We seriously had a wonderful session feeding you bits of rice crisp.

Oh birdie. No more birdwatch for us both...

Adios Pipit. TC. (*Frowns*)