Tuesday, June 12, 2007

My Half Day Old Chameleon

The day I met my second pet-to-be, a day which was full of bloody torture. The first pet I've owned was Geeky, my precious baby Gecko was dead just in a day. How devastating!

The second one was not as lucky as the first one though! There's no opportunity to name him either. He went off pretty quick! Under dumbass Boobie's teething toothie. Boobie went huh hah over him, chowing down this baby of mine once this baby was trapped in Boobie's kennel. Dogged you, Boobie!! Wasted, wasted!!!

This gorgeous baby lizard of mine had spotty and scaly figure. Changes its color very often. Speaking of camouflage. If he's still alive, by now, I would have taken him to Rufus kennel just to see whether he'll change himself into an albino white chameleon. Sadly, he's not here anymore. (*Whines*)

Do rest in peace, baby chameleon. Hmm, for easy understanding, perhaps, I should christened him Chameleonnaire!

In reminiscence, we cooked the green coconut sago, which would remind us of Chameleonnaire's ooey goey green gorgeous body. (*Teary Eyes*)

Briefly, this is the fastest but tiresome kuihs we've ever cooked on. The sago were hardly sticky, thus, it took us about 45 minutes to keep stirring the sago mixture under low-heat deep pan. Half an hour later, we noticed that we've got ourselves a tiny weeny bit of muscles. (*Proud Mannerism*)

The aroma of pandan leaves was highly anticipated. Few drops of green coloring were added. Once done with the mixing and stirring process, the sago was poured into a tray and let cooled.

The fresh coconut was next. By adding 1/2 tablespoons of salt to it, it blends very well with the sweet sago. Thumbs up. (*Blushes*)

We packed up these small kuihs into a plastic packaging for our loved ones. And the response was okay, good enough I guess.

Can't expect much from a C-grade baker. BOL. (*Devilish Grin*)