Friday, July 27, 2007

Oh Mayo Craze

Mayonnaise are selling cheap. Just at RM4.99, a cup of good quality mayo can be simply bought at marts now. To finish the whole mayo in a proper manner, we bake something which complement the mayo. The kids are mayo fanatics. No doubt any mayo dessert and breads will do them good. One came into my mind. It is none the other than this...

Mini Chicken Floss Bun. With loads of mayo and chicken floss, of course.

The bread were baked in bulk. The softer it is, the greater the taste as a whole.

Mayo cream were stirred in with some condensed milk. It'll bring a hint of sweetness in it.

After baking, the bread were all sliced into halves with a sharp knife. And all eyes were on these C-grade babies once they were all coated with loads of mayo cream, by using a mini spatula.

The bun were this mini. Compared it with a size of a palm. It was indeed mini babies. It should be garnished with parsley.

Doesn't matter whether the parsley were chopped or not, these buns would look good if parsley were used. Parsley, parsley, parsley. Getting a pot of real life parsley soon! (*Frowns*)

As for bird watchers, here's PIPIT.

More shots of him.

Dang! Lost the lights! Frown Pipit, frown!