Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fantasizing Cookies, Cream And Oreo

They had definitely proves us right; that they are compatible enough to be a great partners. The aroma of vanilla cream can be smelt in 500 meters away. Touching on the doggy issue, which is their sense of smell. (*Rub Nose*)

Oreo had been the best cookie we used to nibble on, during our good old days. Lick, dip, and dunk. That was their favorite catchy phrase. Cupcakes with fluffy buttercream and Oreo, well, what’s wrong with that? Take a look at McD’s McFlurry; Oreo. One word; yummy, doesn’t it? Things will never ever go wrong with Oreo. That’s for sure.

After the prep of chocolate cupcakes, we jump start with the fluffy luscious cream. A mixture of half whipping cream and vanilla buttercream. Fret not, the cream was later combined with a packet of mashed up Oreos.

Cupcakes, cream and ¼ of an Oreo cookie, we’ll get a batch of Oreo Cookies and Cream Cupcakes. It was one adorable batch of C-grade babies. Just look at the size of one; doesn’t it make you go ‘Owhh’.

Mini cutie pies. It really make us looked like glutton fatasses with monstrous features when we take a bite out of them.

It tasted as vanilla-ish as the Oreo’s real vanilla cream. As for that, we kept a box for cuz; Kahmun and Kiwi as their buh-bye gift. The very next day, which was on Saturday, they flew back to Aus. (*Frowns*)

To sum things up, these babies are a definite keeper! Proof? We didn't manage to give them to our remaining loved ones. Best regards to the ladies; Kahmun and Kiwi. With loads of love from the Wong’s and the poochies!