Wednesday, August 1, 2007

To Twist A Roll

Posting all doggy shots from the not-so-close-uncle's petshop. Bigger resolutions and much more crystal clear shots in Deviantart. Feel free to download them. No cover charges, just some tips will do. Tipped me, tipped me!

English Cocker Spaniel's. Aww, heart can melt when we look into her eyes. Oh boy. Let's switch. Let her out and we'll put Rufus in order to slim down Fatty Rufus. Oink, go pork belly.

It was baby bun frenzy month. We've been trying our furry clean paws on bread and dough each week. There are chunks of untouched packs of red bean paste and green lotus paste in the icebox. Hence, we wonder whether mini buns with pastes would looked good together. A rounded shape bun with pastes intact and sesame seeds on top. Thinking of it, though it looks edible, the presentation somehow doesn't score a C grade either.

While I was flipping my collection of baking books and Fatass were taking her usual dog nap, I've stumbled upon a cute and perfect shot from Alan Ooi's. Twisted rolls. Pretty twisted rolls he made. Differences between mine and his; the size and the twisted effect. Boy, the book was a good teacher! (*Barks Happily*)

The size were sucha cutie. Half of Fatass's fat ol palm. For the fillings, we've chosen lotus, red beans and last but not least, peanut butter spread! To sum things up, we came up with three different flavors - for the sake of keeping the pastes for other uses. Cheapo Fatassies.

Our Lotus Bun which looks great but tasted rather bland doesn't made himself into the headline though.

On the other paw, the Red Bean Bun which looks like dried up tape worm with bits of blood staining on it tasted good. At least, its fillings are sweeter than the lotus pastes. Thus, no doubt this breado tops!

The Peanut-Spread Bun lost, in terms of taste and presentation. Baker's Cottage were a genius in making this breado! Love them loads. XOXO. Hugs and buttocks, hugs and buttocks. (*Wiggle Wiggle*)

As for the dough, the twisted pattern was clearly seen when pre-baked. To form a twisted pattern, a knot was tied too.

Egg glazing were brushed lightly onto the unbaked buns to add a vibrant golden yellow on it. This is followed by sprinklings; black sesame seeds. If you asks us, we prefer using black sesames than the usual pale yellow sesames. Gothic speaks. Eyeliners, smudge mascaras, long leggings, black nails. What is this oh doggy, getting out of the main channel!

Once baked, the most pretty minis of all were the green lotus bun. The colors blends in together.

On a bigger and clearer shot of all, the minis were sucha a cutie pie!

But when it comes to group shots, you'll rather wish not looking at them, not even a glance. Take note; powdered sugar were used to cover the flaws they've shown. Speaking of the magic of liquid foundation!