Saturday, July 21, 2007

For Bird Fanatics

We've been dunking C-grade cakes and cookies in Purina instant milk every now and then. Sigh. After the first attempt on the layer cake; which is quite a number of people's favorite, Fatass and I drool over the next layer-cake-to-be. Tadaa. No. It should be with caps, better effect. TA-DAA!!!

Coffee Layer Cake. It was tiresome and time-consuming. I repeat, very very time-consuming.

It looks browner than it is used to be as we've added real brewed coffee as a part of the liquid batter, under Kluang Station. The layers were hard to be seen though.

Difference between coffee beans and an instant coffee packet? Obviously, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee tops the latter.

Btw, Kluang Station was not too bad. We poochies love the yummies over there. Not railways and tracks!

Moving on to Pipit overloaded shots, it is one good opportunity to see how do macho birds pose for the camera.


No! Not the DOG, the BIRD!

Pipit have outshown each and every cam whore maniacs.

Just look at him.

Part of his wounded wings, which will be.... (*Musing; chicken wings, yum yum*)

He posed like a hawk.

Perhaps, a baby eagle look-alike. He's the best camwhore birdie we've been searching for. Bravo, Pipit. P/s: Dog plushie was used for the purpose of Pipit's frail limbs. Not for humping. =)