Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hospitalized Due To Ear Infection

May I be blessed, not bedridden or euthanized, just days before I'll be sent off to hell. Hospitalized for ear infection? That's better than the latter. Barked my prayers. So, smile widely, for the doggy angel. =)

With the absence of a reputable leader of this bloggy, which is me, myself, I wonder what Fatass Michelle would be doing now - with the existed blog and posts. I've been arranging shots and drafts for the past few days before illness have strikes upon me.

For the first, we have our infamous Mini Curry Chicken Bun. Absolutely pork-free. The tinier it is, the cuter it appears to be.

It was made out of lucious fillings; which consists of shreded chicken meat, half mashed up baby potatoes, herbs and spices and last but not least, curry leaves. Kindly cooked by Ma. Not Fatass nor the hired helpers.

Fatass did the bread-kneading part. We hence found out that during bread kneading process, one can work the dough ruthlessly. Not the shaping process though.

During shaping dough, bread will turn out to be softer and springy in texture if it is gently handled.

Once shaped, the unbaked were brushed with egg yolk and garnished with toasted black sesames. While waiting for it to rise once again, Fatass kept her time rolling and shaping more dough.

After rising sessions, the unbaked were let free into the big ol oven. Yet, it rises in the oven once again. Fuller and puffier.

Within 20 minutes, the bread were all done, freshly bulk-baked. Many were eaten by glutton porkies, which exclude me, myself. Appearance wise, it is not that golden brown which I've been wishing for. Taste wise, it'll be a definite hit if the fillings were double than the original! (*Drools*)