Monday, July 30, 2007


After 2 days staying in the clinic, which I consider it as a state of being hospitalized, I was freed. Fatass drove me back home. Yay. I'm back. I'll get to rub my nose on Rufus buttie again! Yay.

I was warmly welcomed by the family members especially the helpers. And the buns!

With Mexico Milk Buns, I do really feel how lost were they if I died one day. These buns were not any first attempt.

To start something anew, Fatass put in fillings into the unbaked buns. The fillings were basically a mixture of milk powder and butter. The fillings were yummy. It should be drier than it appears to be though. Sadly, we ran out of milk powder. Henceforth, only a cup of filling were made. As for the coffee topping, coffee emulco does not really enhance the flavor.

adding 1 tablespoon of Nescafe and 1 tablespoon of hot water into the topping batter, it tasted yummy and aroma of coffee can be smelt soon.

Poolicious right? The swirl was cute to me. (*Devilish Grin*) But after dumping the whole bread into the oven, it became like this...

Topping melts down, sticking with one another. The overall outcome?

It was a hit to the kids as they love the fillings more than the bread itself. Blame the manually function bread maker.