Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Batter System

Correct me. It should be barter, not batter. Yes, the barter system. For our first order, we were glad that we do manage to get all things done before the exact deadline. It’s just a few batches of mini cupcakes; thanks to the wrongly bought folded box. The box was big enough to put in 9 cupcakes. What a shame. Let’s set the plot straight. Molly told us that she wanted something for her cute little brother, while the latter wanted something edible for his girl. We promised her 2 boxes of cupcakes. In return, she’ll give us a block of butter. That is how ‘the batter system’ worked. It sounded great, as we were C-graded-bakers. The cupcakes were all from Magnolia’s. Itchy paws lead to additional chocolate flavoring and 2 tablespoonfuls of oil. It turned out flatter than it used to be. But then, we’re still figuring the unveiled truth of getting a moister cupcake. Instead, we will try out Billy’s Vanilla Cupcake one fine day. Experimenting kills.

The vanilla cupcakes were kept for the boy while the chocolate cupcakes will be the girl’s possession. We’ve chosen vanilla buttercream to ease our workload. The main and actual reason; Fatass Michelle had her college assignments stacking up; sky-high. We’re so sorry for our same old flavor and empty fillings. The boy gets his basketball look-alike chocolate cupcakes.

Orange coloring were infused into the vanilla buttercream to get a bigger picture of a basketball.

The linings were done quickly with brown buttercream though at first we thought that dark chocolate fits best. We were lazy bums. Whatever comes, we’ll absolutely pick the easiest way out. Oh boy.

The soon-to-be boy’s possession. It is clearly seen that the letterings piped out of buttercream were too thick. Now, I’d really need to get real teachings on piping techniques!

Forget not! One shout out for the boy; Happy Buttday Suren!

Moving on to the next cupcake; the girl’s gift. We are so outdated and creative-less. We ran out of good names and hence, came out with one extraordinary lame name for these C-grade baby cupcakes; Edible Roses Cum Garden Cupcake. What a name.

Same old buttercream. It differs with the previous basketball cupcake as the coloring used were totally different. Excuse us for the lame remarks. We just need more words to make the paragraphs looked tally. Sugarpaste were common in this cupcake. Roses, buds, leaves; for instance.

Exclusive of the heart-shaped pastillage. Happy Buttday XXX. (*What was her name again*)


Time for makan, Pipit!! (*Mimicking birdie voice; chirp chirp tweet*)