Monday, August 20, 2007

Modifying The Blue Kenari

The week before this was no fun - at all. Everyone was busy over their own unsolved issues. Fatass Michelle was trying hard to swallow cold hard facts in order to get half-prepared for her finals. Uncle Phill had his aneurysm operation done and good riddance, he is now recuperating from his surgery. Pa fell at his very own home, no thanks to the slippery floor which the helper have forgotten to dry it off. That's not the end yet. Now, this IS the beginning.

Kidd had to undergo the God's three test to determine his status; either as a real manly man or a kid with a future of being a erm, drag? It's all written in the God's will. The first was occurred in last two weeks. The blue Canary had eccentric beautiful deep white lines on both sides of its body after hitting the acceleration when the auto gate is closing halfway. Nevermind, as car modification is quite a big hit over the past years. We'll take it slow, starting by the cool sexy lines first. After repairment, God tested Kidd again.

Shot above; a full back view of our baby blue Canary which is the repercussions of the act of a real man. It sounded very silly and we almost laugh our heads off when we open up our ears to his reasons. Hackles rises, devilish lame grin and sarcastic remarks were made - personally. As what the college's guard had told him, it is known that the car came rolling down from the slope, approx the distance of 500m.

Once he went to get something from his car, while entering the college through the other main gate, he saw his Canary landed on the gate. Best of all, the big ol gate was strong enough to stop the ghostly Canary though half of the gate fell and wrecked. Lucky Fatass, as that is not her recent college as it happened in TARC. Hmm, the thoughts of being embarrassed by a ghostly blue mini vehicle. (*Grin*)

Reasons for the unintentional occurrence; bad slopes, no breaks being held and in the position of D4 rather than being in the state of P.

The outcome; back window shattered into pieces of debris, top wing was half-sliced into two, cool 3D rippled effect cum wrecked back door, rammed bumper, broken mini back lights, nonadhesive bumper on both side panels, half broken number plate and last but not least; scratches.
Come to think of it, it is considered BAD as we can see small punctured hole on the surface where the extra tyre was kept when the tyre was taken out with full force from the back.

The impact of this silly occurrence; compensation of RM250 for the reconstruction of TARC's gate, payment for car loading etc RM100, RM150 for the summons and MORE to pay for re-modifying the newly modified with additional 3D wave effect on the back of the Canary. After the car-roll-down occurrence, Kidd rolled down too. On the same week, Kidd came rolling down from the slopes after chasing his life for the sake of the bus, came back with bandages on both of his hands, knee, pale thick lips like Jolie and bloody scratches on the back and front. Silly yet we're still giggling our butt off here. (*Devilich Grin*)