Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Gothic Pandas On The Run

Little brother once asked what would be good, edible yet affordable to be bought as a gift for a birthday girl besides than showering them with roses, furry plushies and Rochers. Our first thought that came into our mind was cupcakes. Edible, cute and fattening. (*Evil us*)

He insisted that panda would be the theme for the cupcakes since his Syah adores panda. Ideas can be hardly brainstormed. Hence, without much hesitant and big fuss, Fatass Michelle and I got into Wilton's net designs. And we suceeded in getting a set of cupcakes for the birthday girl.

It should be christened Panda Cupcakes rather than an additional word; gothic.

Mild gothic appearance. You haven't seen one which resembles the exact definition of gothic yet. (*Grins*)

Rufus's ex-shot which we loved so much; extracted from the past paw-print-post.

Now, this IS gothic-y - ME. Rawr!!!
Back to the WFF's babies, just take a deep look at its markings around the eyes, simply resembles of smudge of mascaras. Blame the expertise of piping the easily cooled melted chocolate. The ears and nose were chocolate as well. Hence, this is how the Gothic Panda Cupcakes look like.

Starting from the base, it's the moist chocolate cupcake. The topping was easy breezy. We slabbed a tablespoonful of whipping cream and spread it smoothly. Then, the calling for chocolate piping. Surprisingly, one must work faster in order to pipe a smoother layout. Boy, it was hard.

Lastly, this calls for the pink blusher. Oww, that is why they are cute now. Cute enough to woo someone. (*BOL*)

Since there's leftovers on the day the cupcakes were baked, suggestion of bringing a batch for the school kids were happily made. We had no idea on the frosting issue. The boy who's in-charged of sending these boxes insisted Chocolate whipped buttercream and Oreo chunks. In conclusion; we had Milo Oreo Cupcakes for the kids.

Due to the insufficient cocoa powder, substitution were made. Milo was used instead of the cocoa's. As for the messy topping, it includes choc bits, sprinkles of Milo powder and 1/4 Oreo bix.

Yes, heard me right. 1/4 Oreo bix. So, you can imagine the actual size of these C-grade babies. P/s; cupcakes were sized of an Oreo bix.

The filled boxes were brought to the school the next day. Turns out that the birthday girl and the kids like it. Hmm, there's difference in between the two words; love and like though. (*Whines*)