Saturday, December 2, 2006

Kiddy Saves Kitty

Kitty who?? Kitty Kat the kitten.
Kiddy who?? Kitty Kat's Papa. Full stop. BOL...
I'm not a stereotypical doggie over here. So, it does make sense if I blog about kitties/kittens/cats/felines or even rodents in my paw-prints-post. Kiddy recently got himself a new-found adopted daughter. To be exact, it's his new pet; Kitty Kat! Both of them rekindle their new-found relationship whenever they meet each other. Yes, meee-ouch; rather than purring meee-owww.

The story goes like this; Kiddy found Kitty Kat in one of the drain holes. He admits that he was dying of boredom at that moment. That is why he plans to be a superhero for a day. A day, not more. Actually, he was the pathetic hero who cause the poor lil kitten get stucked in one of the drain holes. Not a hero after all. But he's VERY kind indeed. Look at the pictures posted; Kiddy's pictures. You will tend to feel that he's a kind young man. Hear that, Fatass Mich?! (*smirked*)

Kitty Kat was stucked in the drain hole for an hour or two. In addition, Kiddy's hand can't reach into the drain hole due to the outgrowth of the roots which belongs to a huge fatass tree. He then brainstorms some heroic-ideas such as using lasers to cut off the roots, biting off the roots by using his gigantic jaws etc. Lots of them but none works - Kiddy's a normal kid, he has no superpowers... A small saw, a rag, a rubbish-picker thingie, a torchlight and a plant cutter were used. It takes Kiddy an hour to save Kitty Kat.

Sweats, mozzie-bites and thirsts for water, Kiddy still goes on with his saving-thingie since he thinks that killing time by saving innocent lives are one joyous thing to do. Yes, he was the most happiest young pathetic hero when he saved Kitty Kat. He was... A kind man. When Kitty Kat was taken out of the drainage area, she was dirty as hell. Oh boy, she smells like my fart. I maybe harsh, but, hey... Be logical, she was dug out of a drain hole... Real foul-smelling drain holes.

But somehow, Kiddy bathes Kitty Kat to make sure that Kitty Kat is free from putrid dirt.

Kiddy cleans her fur and dry her with a clean cloth. Kitty Kat is sure does happy. Kiddy never treats me like this though... Dogged you, Kiddy! Kitty Kat, you are one lucky tabby cat...

Kiddy sings Kitty Kat to sleep... Oh my CAT?!

Not only that... Kiddy feeds her too! Oh, what the dog?!

Kitty Kat does some cam-whore session too!!! Boy, she was good.

Kitty Kat will be going to her new home soon; in Kiddy's dad's office. Oh boy, this is ONE good news. However, I do agree with Fatass Mich that Kiddy was one kind young man that night. Yes, just for that particular night. BOL. Look at Kiddy's benignant hands, you'll realise that he's a loving papa to her lil daughter; Kitty Kat. Meee-Owww...

Signing out;
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux