Saturday, August 11, 2007

Baby Shrek On Board

Before starting off this blog entry, let's dive into what Hoffa Cupcake really is. Why christened Hoffa? They had their own history; story. Click here and take a look; Sploid Hoffa Cupcakes. We've stumbled upon this pretty cupcake when draftings and brainstorming through the net were held. A green ooey goey zombie-like hand was seen emerged from the cupcake, covered in dirt.

All in Milford Baking Company; which sadly, it's unavailable in Malaysia. We were tempted in making our own version of Hoffa Cupcakes. It was a cuter and a daintier version from us. But then, the hands were too alien-y. And Shrek-y.

As for the cupcakes, Devil's Food were used. Not to forget about the whipped up chocolate buttercream and chocolate bits. Cute poopoo looking swirls!

Before thinking of any improvements to be made, we've sent these Hoffa's to the kids stomach and set off with the better-looking green alien-y hands! Real 3D and it's edible - sugarpastes. Take a closer look; 5 eerie green fingers, with its own palm. =)

Since it's Sek's buttday, Shrek were the theme for the cupcakes. No, not Shrek! It's Baby Shrek. The most adorable alien we've seen. As usual, Pohling came up with this theme and its flavor. And her ideas are mostly well received. Hence, no worries for the layouts, designs and such related stuffs.

A close-up of the 5-minutes-moulded Baby Shrek. Apologise for the unleveled big ol eyes. It's not perfect enough to be as cute as the real Baby Shrek is.

For the final product; it's a box of Baby Shrek Chocolate Cupcakes from Cryshelle. May Sek like it though there's only ONE Baby Shrek in it. See the Shrek-y hands? It goes like this, "Salute Baby Shrek"... Lame eh? (*Sweats*)

It was a cute box, to us. But then, that's only OUR point of view. Taste wise; not that bad, but then, it's all reserved to those who proclaim themselves as crazy chocolate lovers cause the cake itself is moistful and very chocolatey. Not to forget about the chocolate bits and oreo's bix chunks which resembles as the dirt from the ground. Last, but yet importantly; Happy Buttday Sek! =)