Saturday, August 11, 2007

Get Well Soon, Uncle Phill

We felt pity, rather than being super sad when they confirmed that Uncle Phill is having Aneurysm. A tear in the artery, that's what they've said. And, it was heard that there is a very very risky op involved. Risky? =(

And I learn something from it. Perhaps, it's another shallow point of view. Life IS short. Do what you love doing, go against the law, get all wet and drunk or maybe steal a magenta panty. You'll be happy and satisfied before you start wondering things you haven't done when you land on the hospital bed one day. (*Touch Wood*)

Hence, a box of cupcake was sent to his house - by car. Pa and ma drove over there. And Fatass Michelle was taking dog naps after revising her work. Two words - dead tired.

As the introduction which I should start off with, Uncle Phillip, or in short, Phill, loves playing golf and planting bonsais. We'd rather go with moulding sugarpaste which relates golf than bonsais. Bonsais are... Complicated though artistic.

Speaking of clays which is very much related to golfs; we drafted a few of them.

The ball itself.

The pole and its flag.

And the turf!

We love golf too, but then, in games. No-no to reality.

The cupcake was basically a devil's food which we love so much! No fillings. Thick chocolate mousse as the cream and covered the sides with chocolate rice. Lastly, topped the whole cupcake with Oreos bits. Then, the sugarpaste go last. And voila! Uncle Phil's Golf Course Cupcake! One shoutout; get well soon, Uncle Phil. May GBU. Family *Hearts* you!