Thursday, June 14, 2007

A White Sheepy Perhaps?

From far end, I really thought that we would have a lamb shank to chowed on that night. Juicy thighs, lucious meat and rounded bulged belly that the white sheepy had.

Boy, it looked appetizing though it was just a raw and uncooked animal hopping gracefully in the near end corner. Contrast, whereby the background was a thick and pale beige colored wall. I stared hungrily at the sheepy, ready to make my first move. Manicured nails slashes out gradually - just in case he noticed that I'm going to grab his buttie and grab a bite out of em'. "Okay, this is it! Raw meat for the hungry stomach. When he stares back at me, I AM gonna knock him out."

Yes, he did stare at me. But not for long, I lost the intention to grab his ass.

A note to Fatass Rufus; "If you're not a sheep, don't try to act like one." (*Frowns Deeply*)

White albino fatass sheepy; it's none the other, Fatass Michelle's retarded baby poochie; Rufus. What the doggy, at one glance, he really do look like a calm sheep waiting to be fed. I know, I know, Chameleonaire's spirit must have gone to his body, hence, that is why Rufus knows how to camouflage himself accordingly. Okay, now, to the green pillar, green pillar, I wanna see some Shrek-sheepy. (*Grins*)

While I'm happily manipulating my colorful toy, Fatass sent me over some C-grade yummies to chewed on. No lamb shanks? Nevermind, let's substitute with other hard textured yummies; Chocolate Custard Cream Cupcake. BOL. Evil me.

A very basic custard cupcake. The best part of making this C-grade babies was to be able to test our decelerated piping skills. Hopeless. Because we only managed to pipe a few. Still learning. As to kick start our piping session, we used the star nozzle and vanilla buttercream.

Continued with the chocolate buttercream. No sprinklings.

Piping session ended in a thousand zillions blink of an eye. C-grade cuppies were scattered everywhere.

Thus, we take time to shower them with beefsticks and love. They queued up properly, in order. They DO listen! (*Lame Remarks*)

Everyone wanted Rufus to shave off his excess furball and fur although mine was longer than his. FYI, I had very long silky straight fur, I was forced to take good care of my locks, by grooming it all by myself every now and then. Yay for Fatass cause she gets to keep my Kurt Cobain hairdo. Hmm, I was pondering, how a bald sheepy would look like. (*Devilish Grin*)