Sunday, April 22, 2007

My One Day Old Baby Gecko

My babey. FYI, Fatass Michelle does not really favour geckos. Icky and slimy, some of their skins were scaly, as I've heard of leopard geckos, they get dehydrated easily. Is that the simplest reason on why their skin got so scaly and dry? Try Vaseline. BOL. Eww, that was what Fatass Mich favourite quote when it comes to reptiles. Tortoises were excluded from her lists. Okay, that was her point of view. I had a dissimilar opinion on reptiles though. My day old baby gecko changed my point of view.

He's cute, well generally, it's hard to differentiate reptiles sexes. I do think it's a he. Nah, just he. He, the baby gecko, do not get sticky to me though I saved his life from Fatass Mich.

He gets sticky to the walls though. Very well mannered and polite, you can see that I'm telling you doggy lovers that he do not like to stick his tongue like Rufus loved doing.

That was clearly photoshopped by dumb dumb Fatass Mich, dumbly equipped with bad and ugly photoshop skills! He's not as icky as Fatass said. Very corteous. Talking about the mannerisms of a well-behaved gecko. Geeky, that's what Fatass called him. Geeky, my gecko. I had a pet and several servants. Exhilarating happy, euphorically excited and boy, I'm... Wee, happy. That, surprisingly sums it all. Helpers came up and got their shock of their lives. Ever want to have a pat on its elongated head? Over my dead and muscular body. He camwhored gorgeously. Shake your tail no-feather. Wiggle, wiggle! BOL! After all, it was all fond memories, which I'll be keeping it for now and forever, in my Einstein brain and love-shaped heart. FYI, he's only my one-day kept-pet. Helpers caught my baby Geeky and sent him off nicely. Seriously, graciously.

I barked at them: Why?!! WHY?!!
Fatass: Yes, why?!!
Helpers: Why what?
Painstakingly, I barked once more: Why must you flushed him down from that filthy toilet?!
Helpers: Lizards get dehydrated easily. I'm just helping. Why do you hire me for?!

What the doggy...