Sunday, May 20, 2007

Part 1 : A Beefstick A Day Keeps The Dog At Bay

There would most probably be 4 parts, which consists of focused and clean shots of my pack of poochies. Why 4? Why not 8, since it's a lucky digit? 4 parts = 4 poochies which were still barely hanging there. We have Missy, Boobie, Fatass Rufus and me, myself; Master Whisky. I've been dividing it in proper order. I'll be in the last part, part 4, where I'll be summing everything up! The remaining will be featured by the other 3 poochies. Fair enough! The shooting was easy, thanks to the dangle-a-beefstick idea! The Thai-made beefsticks which were bought during a rapid holiday cum work was a hit! I'm tempted as well. Glutton us!

Let's jump over to the main subject here,
Boobie, the Goldie.

(*Get Smacked Gao Gao*)

Okay, The name's Bobby. What's wrong with the name Boobie?! (*Sulks*)

Dogged you Boobie!
Moving on, we've made some yummies for ma and pa to craved on, which was Walnut Brownies!!

Hip hip hurray. It was sweeter than the one we had in Tong Kee's though. Since pa has a sweet tooth, he loves it! Too bad, ma doesn't like it as much as others did!

She complemented that it's very chocolatey, moistful and aromatic, but she'll be one of the diabetic patients just in no time, if she had more. Life in the kitchen's that cruel. ROFL. But sweet tooties like Fatass and her siblings loved it! For a C-grade baker, I can say that it's just a B-Ok goodie! Let's just move on.