Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fast Food. How Fast Would It Be?

When you're dogdamn hungry, do bark loudly, in a polite manner, showing how you're really feeling right now. Breathe in, sucked those fats in, rub your flat stomach and put up a dull, lethargic expression. Bite your paws, or if you want to go overboard without anyone suspecting, chew your paws. Hardly. Warning! Do not fart! You will end up with nothing good. No solid food, nor beef-sticks. So, I let out only a pint of foul gases, is that the main reason why you're starving me to death? Fatass Michelle, my loyal dumb servant, apologized, saying that she will bring me some food which largely contain carbs. That'll be good. Apologies accepted. Fast, I'm starving.

Bought a baguette, and baked them in the oven. For better tasting, I suggested wonderful add-ons. Real garlic chunks and chopped parsley sprinkled on both sides of the baguette, which Fatass had spread Tru Blue's garlic butter spread, which has a very garlicky fragant, before hand.

Wrapped into the foil, popping them into the oven for 15 minutes. Voila!

garlic toast is ready!

For more varieties of carbs product, we bought a loaf of chicken floss bread in a local bakery shop to be served as snacks. Snacks, as a subtitution goodie for my daily casual tasty snack; beef-sticks. Ma's not around, no beef-sticks bought. How sad.

Very brilliant idea, stuffing flosses into the bread, with swirling effect. Soft and spongy white bread, freshly baked from preheated ovens. Good snack, good snack.

While I'm snacking, Fatass would be working out her collections. Another C-grade baby, the peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies.

Again, I suggested that we should use one tube of PB jam, specifically, with strawberry and PB jam. The aroma of strawberry can be smelt, but not too strong. The outcome was okay.

Lucky us for dumping the choc chips into the dough because the PB cookie will not ever make it into my stomach though it's chewy and aromatic. The PB cookie alone is bland. So, PB cookie and choc chips would get along better, like how Fatass and I are now. Ahoy, ahoy.