Monday, April 23, 2007

Look Ma! Loh Mai Kai

We've been missing mum and dad already. They went for their holis, that's what I've guessed, I guess? Fatass Michelle and I miss ma's shoutings and naggings. Misses pa's old but logical grandmother stories with loads of proverbs and motivational phrases attached, spoken, not in the form of written material. So, as Fatass and I have been going huh-hah over the helpers' cookings, lack of mother's love in those dishes they've made, I came up with a brilliant solution, which will curb our hunger for mama's love. By staring at the pictures of Fatass's mum homecooked food, that would be helpful. At the very least. I drooled.

Fatass is still drooling though. The very homemade Loh Mai Kai. Translated as the glutinous rice chicken. Or the other way round, chicken glutinous rice. Whatever will do, as long as it's edible, and has a stereotypical name on them.

That was a shot, taken last weekend. Scrumptious as it looks. Glutinous rice were boiled and stir-fry with brown sauces. Oyster sauce, soy sauce, black sauce. Does not accurately followed any recipe, it was mom's very own altered flavor. As long as it tasted good and addictive. Rice wine! That's where the glutinous rice gets all hyped up, unleashing its aroma. Does rice had any aroma? Nah, not bothered by that pretty confusing and factful question.

Yum, yum. We had a big bite on it.

And we get to fill in the lucious fillings which comprises of boneless marinated chicken meat and sweet waxed meat.

Filling them as much as Fatass Mich and I wanted, in a big old porcelain bowl. An antique set. BOL. Hit me, ma! Hit me.

And with that option, we also do have the opportunity to get ouselves biggies. Real big bowls, with loads of fillings. Moistful. With great to taste sauces. Unlike other stalls, which was quite dry, where we can use them to play frisbees. Wee, frisbees!

Size of a big fat hand, owned by a big fat fatass, Fatass Mich. Big Ol steamy and hot Loh Mai Kai we've eaten.

Ma, pa, please come back asap, only if you bring back some dark bittersweet chocolate goodies for both of us. With loads of love and grins, Fatass Michelle and me, myself.