Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Browsing For Brownies

Snacks, breads and brownies. That's what we used to fill up our empty stomach every noon. Eventually, both of us; Fatass Michelle and I, got so frustrated over our C-graded brownies. Very dry and lack of what a good stereotype of a brownie should be. Eventually, we ended up browsing through bakery stores, not far from our kennels, just to seek for a good ol brownie. Surprising as it sounds, Tong Kee's Bakery store had the best brownie yet, much better than Secret Recipe's. Call us cheapo. Yes, we are. Thankyou for that statement you've been dying to say. I don't really mind as Tong Kee's really did have an A-graded brownie which we crave for.

As most people have already know, Tong Kee's made quite a name out of themselves, by selling their super yummy egg tarts. Hot or cold the tarts would be, it still tastes good. Real good. Barking about tarts served from the oven, we will be super euphoric by then. Filled with loads of eggy, baked into a soft, flaky, shortcrust pastry tart. Best egg tart we've eaten. Wander over to our next fav, the moistful brownies!

Wrapped up into an aluminium foil. Boy, that's good.

I've never thought of that! Ever!

At RM1.80 each, it's a catch. Cheap and super yummy. Can really smell the aroma of cocoa and walnuts, apparently these baby walnuts were toasted and baked together with the brownies. Although it was served cold, the brownies were still crumbly once bitten by me. Great, wasn't that.

Very moist, that quite sums it all up, a great yummy brownie we had for our lunch. Before getting ourselves back to our cozy little kennel, Fatass Michelle got herself a pack of pineapple tarts, which consists 12 pieces. RM4, boy, it's cheap. Size of a thumb. Not that cheap huh. But, it was addictive!

They, specifically, had these pineapple tarts packed into two packaging. One was PINEAPPLE TART (BUTTER). The other was PINEAPPLE TART. We've chosen the one with brackets and butter.

Smells buttery and lucious chunky pineapple fillings they were made of. Not the smoother, look-alike paste. Fatass finished them just in an hour. That was fast...