Monday, April 23, 2007

Craving For Rich Chocolate Sticks

Very well, we've been craving on these teeny weeny snacks these days. Thanks to Ma and Pa, they were on some sort of vacation cum work holiday. Talking of being a chocolate addict, or to some, they will refer to the newly profound noun; chocoholic, Fatass Michelle's one of them. Apart from being a chocoholic, it's unambigous that she had been putting on weight since her last year of college. Rather than having something low-caloried, she plans to shed off her tonnes during her coming glorious varsity days. Let's stop ranting about Fatass, and wander off to our main topic of the paw prints post. These snacks were generally imported from Japan and Korea, it's easy to get them. Just hand over your Visa or Mastercard to us. All the latest Jap snacks will come to you in no time! (*Chuckles*) Honestly, Jap snacks like this can be found anywhere now, precisely, I'm just barking that you can get it from any 100 yen stores. Yes, 100 yen stores. Very convenient. The Japs are creative, no doubt. They had many range of KAWAII goodies, chicks, hunks and doggies. No wonder they are famous if you compare them with me.

Yes, that's very KAWAII indeed, Fat Rufus! These cute and fancy Jap snacks were sold cheaply. It depends. Different goodies, different charges. As I've always been there to visit Kiddy for the past few months, the box of chocolate sticks was a big hit. Sold off every now and then. Anyhow, there were varieties of brands, though we're now refering to the sticks. Different brands, different content of cocoa in the chocolate. Amusing and well, as long as it's chocolatey and sweet, no one would care to differentiate whether it's a product manufactured by Ah Beng company or Meiji company.

For the first, it was a little goodie from Lotte. Japan. Real chocolate stuffing, stiff-like ones.

Do not drip anywhere, as you can see, it can withstand our country's humidity. Well, that should be a good idea which the Japs would think of.

Generous fillings, sadly, Fatass and I wished that they were creamier. (*Lick Paws*)

Moving on to the next product, Korea-made. Orion's chocolate sticks. This one is a real big hit if being compared with Lotte's. Schoolgirls would go crazy for this. Thanks to the young and glitzy celebs for promoting these cocoa related goodies, TVXQ, which was also known as DBSK.

Yun Ho should be in the other side of it though, cause he rocks the dancefloor as much as Mikael Jacko did.

Talking about the fillings, super creamy. Tastier than the other one we had. Once the packets were teared off, you can see the creams flowing. Not really flowing, hmm, it's more like, dripping slowly, if it's under the sun. BOL. Crunchier shells they made, to be precise, it's the wheat bix. Am craving for more. Not the celebs, but the chocolate sticks. Yum. Off we go, for more chocs...