Sunday, August 26, 2007

The Maternal's Gramps Grand Day

The other gramps of Fatass Michelle had her huge birthday dinner yesterday. All relatives were there; exclusive of the baby niece Jessica and her family. It's like gramps of the maternal side had 11 kids; which brought up to an average of 4 kids per family. I had no idea that Fatass had such loads of cousins. The family tree is huge. Speaking of tree, we got gramps a chocolate mousse cake decorated with the rose tree. The Roses Cream And Chocolate Mousse Cake.

The cream was made out of whipping cream and sadly to say that it was way too soft and roses can be hardly piped out from the piping bag. Hours later, the color started to fade slightly.

Branches and green leaves were piped unprofessionally besides than roses and rose buds. Thanks to smart Fatass Michelle.

It really gave us a sudden thought whether buttercream will do a better job than the usual whipping cream. We'll try that one day. One fine day...

After piping some roses, letterings and messages were piped in too. The sides were decorated with green bushes like cream and melted chocolate.

As for the cake, it's made out of the same chocolate sponge from Tiramisu's Cake. And the filling was a not-so-sweet chocolate mousse. As gramps from the maternal side have diabetes, we've been reducing loads of sugary ingredients. Wishing her a great happy birthday and may god bless her. Happy Buttday Gramps! (*Huggies*)