Wednesday, April 11, 2007

March Roundup; London Niece

The very second piece of the paw-prints post, which was very much related with March round-up's. The last piece, to be exact. After all these round-up's, we'll try to post asap. More updated ones. Not a 100% assurance, nor 100% guaranteed. Blame Fatass Michelle for the procrastination issue. Back to the main topic, Fatass Michelle's super duper adorable niece with chubby cheeks to be pinched by us, had just got back from Newcastle, London. Fatass's an aunt since months ago.

In short, the baby belonged to Fatass's cousin sister, Waiyee, while the baby was christened Jessica. We love babies, puppies and artificial babies... Not newborns, because they needed to be taken care of, needed much more attention than the babies. A never-ending love to her baby, which I can see from the videos which she had recorded in her London days. Great mum.

Since they had plannings to visit her hometown, which is here, Malaysia, I thought, why don't we bake some goodies for the small kid. Absolutely! Good thought! We came up with a cookie, C-grade baby number one, milk cookies, which babies might love. Might...

Okay, maybe I was too naive. My first impression of the unbaked dough was; boy, this will do. With spoonfuls of Fernleaf milk powder, I bet she'll asks for more. Mummy, I want, I want. Yeah right. Dream on, Fatass.
It smelt vanilla-ish, a melt-in-your-mouth cookie and we added chocolate rice in it to make it look like lice and tiny ticks, which monkeys loved to nibble on. It would do the same to babies too since they love to suck and nibble at toys etc. What a fact?! Barking about babies and nibbles, I'd think of the other ideal goodie. C-grade baby number two; chocolate fingers topped almond nibs!

Fatass Mich and I baked the fingers first. Not human fingers, for dog's sake. Nor sponge fingers which were used for Tiramisu's, but a tougher one.

After baking, some were ruined though it do looked very much like chips. French fries. And it's beef-stick look-alike. Yum. The ruined artificial french fries were fed to me. Thankyou. =)

We tried one, just in case it tasted yucky. Come on, babies are honest beings. We don't want to get embarrassed in front of the kids. We discussed and barked to each other after each bite. We evaluated. Here's the verdict. An ideal cookie stick for babies with teething problems. Very crunchy due to the almond nibs. You'll be addicted to it, thanks to the almond nibs! Not the cookie sticks!

Finally, we packed these sticks in a plastic cup, sealed with a tight plastic wrapper. Just fine.

Definitely a keeper. The gifts were just on time. Once arrived, they left. (*Sweats*) Anyway, I was lucky to had ordered one of my keen servant to snap a few shots of this cutie pie, Jessica, during the days she's in Malaysia.

She's super duper sweet and the maternal side of the family loves her as hell. Fatass, Rufus and I just wanna pinch her litlle chubby blushy cheeks. Aww... We'll get more sources and media to take a picture or two of her in London. For the sake of the people who loves cutie pies and babies. Stay tuned. With much love and xoxo to Jessica and Waiyee. =)