Monday, August 27, 2007

Kicking Off The Football Spirit

We were and are not any crazy avid football fan. The boys are and always will be. But then, we do know news about the Beckhams and Christiano Ronaldo though. Bol. Pa had always instill the Red ol' Devils spirit in us. In our younger days, Pa would grab us to tag along with him on the weekends just to find the devil's jerseys and adorable yet famous miniature figurines. During the good old years of the devils, Eric Cantona, 7, was a real big hit. Okay, we do remember some others like Phil Neville, Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs. After the good years of M.U had plummeted, they have not been such a crazy ding dong like they've used to be. Anyway, they reinstated themselves once again; as the avid supporter of Manchester United. Not a big great fan; just a loyal supporter who will shout his lungs out for M.U's goals.

The other kid in the kennel, who may opposes and even insults the other football club in order to protect his supporting club's pride and dignity; Arsenal and FAM, will be none the other than William W.W.Leong. Dark as a muscavado and horny looking eh? (*Nodding In Agreement*)

Hence, we came up with ideas of combining these 2 as the theme of his birthday cakes. For the former cake was the base of the banana and chocolate mousse cake. The main fillings and chocolate sponges were arranged in order to ease the whole assembling process. We knew that the decorations and designs would be even more time-consuming. Hence, we speed up the whole assembling and chilling session, just like Speedy Gonzales.

Banana were bought a day ago since we knew that ripened bananas will ruined the whole cake's texture. To avoid the bananas becomes in a 'browning' condition, lemon juice were sprinkled onto the banana's surface. The first layer was the chocolate sponge, followed by the chocolate mousse and raw bananas. And then, back to the chocolate mousse and another layer of sponge. The third dollop of chocolate mousse and bananas were laid, followed by the last generous mousse and chocolate sponge.

After chilling in the refrigerator, the entire cake was covered in whipping cream. Hence, the piping session was automatically kick start. Whipping cream were used for piping as we were way too lazy to utilize the hardened buttercream. A badge-like were piped out, inclusive a rotary-like thingy in the centre of the cake.

Take a closer look, you'll see a bronze cum brown canon with a big wheel were piped. This is followed by the deep blue linings on the inner of the badge.

And this came down to the reds. No devils incurred. During brainstorming designs, we've planned to pipe out the reds with a red piping gel so that it's more captivating as it is much more tidy and glossy. The hints are way too much. Any idea of what actual logo is it? (*Roll Eyes*)

Drum rolls...

Yes, heard me right, it's Arsenal!!!

The outcome of the entire badge? Less uniformity and professionalism. We'll take on piping gel next time! To pull off the dramatic look, a smudge of dripping melted chocolate were poured on the sides of the cake. The chocolate ganache was too watery, hence, leaded to a very very clear transparent-like chocolate.

It was christened as Arsenal's Banana And Chocolate Mousse Cake. And the cake looked gorgeous only when certain angles were taken. Oh doggy...

As for the messages, we've only managed to pipe out two words; Leong and Bday since the wordings decors were real bad.

Here's the final shot of the cake; where the buttday boy had literally uses the knife to slice the cake his own way. Measure first, cut later.

Next up, we opted for the pandan kaya layer cake as gramps loves kaya very much. After many layering of vanilla sponges and pandan kaya cream, it was then chilled and covered with whipping cream.

Since Pa had bought him an Arsenal jersey and a FAM jersey which had his name adhered on it, we figured that we'll try to imitate the same thing too. It would be not that difficult and confusing as the lines involves only 2 vast colors; yellow and black.

Logo-piping was omitted. The logo was way too complicated. Tough challenge if we were forced to pipe the logo in an hour.

We start off with the yellow whipping cream. Vertical unstandardized lines were piped onto the surface of the cake.

Then, followed by the dark brown ganache as we had no black colorings. We were still searching for black colorings though. (*Desperado*)

And a lil mini detail which we shouldn't forget! The red Nike signature, which determines the originality of the jersey! =P

As for the grassy land, dessicated coconut was chosen. Simple as it sounds, coconut does always go with pandan kaya.

Hence, the dessicated coconut were colored in green coloring. It were then used to sprinkled on the white untouched surface.

Hence, the FAM Jersey Pandan Kaya Layer Cake were almost finish with some garnishing made just now.

Last but not least, the small details which consists of the name and the number of the buttday kid. Ma and Pa fought over the numbers. Ma said we should stick on his beloved son's rugby number; 4 while Pa said 16 as 16 is his exact age. Well, I bet on 16! (*Smiles*)

Here's the overall view of his imatation FAM jersey. (*Smiles With Full Pouty Lips*)

Reviews? The elders prefer the Pandan Kaya's as it's softer and has a smoother cream texture. On the other hand, the kids prefer the Chocolate Banana's as it were very chocolatey but it was best eaten in room's temperature, thanks to the gelatine! Should not have add them in, blame Fatass's sixth sense. And here's the shoutout for the day; Happy Buttday William Leong!