Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Duo Tiramisu

On the very grand day which falls on the 31st August, besides than the celebrations of the Day Of Independence, there'll be none the less a big ol' celebration for the two merdeka babies that we love. Going into a more defined part; it's Yvonne Low and Molly. In this particular paw-print post, we'll basically start off with the genius yet gorgeous woman who will be going off abroad to further her education; Yvonne, a buddy which we've known since Standard 3. Ehem, sweet and horny memories. <3

Speaking of fond memories, there was once where Fatass and her friend had only managed to get a slice of Secret Recipe's Tiramisu for Yvonne on Yvonne's birthday. To buy the entire cake would be expensive, since we were in our school days where money can only be begged from our parents; not earned. Yvonne's favorite was the one and only Tiramisu Cake. Her taste haven't changed a bit - until now. Sweet memories, I say.

Hence, Tiramisu Cake was chosen as the main theme for her.

Since Molly do play a vital role in Yvonne's cake making, she was noted as the cleanest baker of the day; on that day. It was a pretty hectic and busy day. In the morning breeze, they went hunting for right ingredients from the nearest bakery supplies store. This came down to hunting cheap bargained products like butter and mascarpone cheese from the grocery outlet. And then back to the kennel for some serious mix and taste.

The sponges were baked before whipping the filling. Chocolate sponge were sliced into 2 thin film. With a detachable base from a square pan, a layer of sponge were placed as the base.

Next, they brush the sponge's surface with the coffee syrup which helps to moisten the sponges. Then, they load and scoop a generous amount of creamy filling on the first layer. Sponge fingers which were bought from the bakery store were then dipped into the coffee syrup and arranged onto the filling.

After assembling the cute sponge fingers, grated dark chocolate were sprinkled onto the cream. Next, more than triple dollops of cream were used to fill up the sponge fingers. Lastly, the other layer sponge were used to end the whole story, not forgetting the coffee syrup which will be used to brush the top of the sponge.

After the chilling session, the Tiramisu Cake were taken out from the cake pan. Sifted cocoa powder were incurred during the decoration session. Chocolate were melted and arranged as sides decoration for the cake.

Yvonne's Tiramisu Cake were decorated with some sifted icing sugar which resembles a law scale. For a further lawyer who's graduating with a law cert in hand, a scale would be good. Teehee. Congrats smartie! The piping part was such a failure. Turns out that Fatass really need to get extra classes from all baking schools! (*Grin*)

Since there's leftovers of cream and layers of cake, they got to taste the Tiramisu Cake by assembling one more. That quite sums the title; A Duo Tiramisu. Double at a time. Differences? Ours were not decorated with chocs as our main intention was to taste home-baked Tiramisu and to ensure that Yvonne's cake would taste okay. (*Smiles*)

And boy, I was happy to post up the shots of the cake which were already sliced up. There were lucious of cheesy fillings. And it turns out very moist and its sweetness is just nice. Parents and gramps like it as it's very coffee-ish; aroma of coffee is strong. If there's any next attempt on a better Tiramisu Cake; which we would be sending it to Yvonne through DHL on her next birthday, we will definitely add in more sponge fingers as it is the fingers which withholds the coffee syrup which brings out a better and a more delish C-grade dessert. A birthday shoutout; Happy Buttday Yvonne! Yay, DHL. ROFL. (*Devilish Horny Grin*)