Thursday, August 9, 2007

Let's Toast, For Exams!

While Fatass is having her hard time dealing with her finals, Molly would be taking her results this week, if I'm not wrong. Best of luck. There's this cupcakes, fondly themed as Molly's Examination Cupcakes which were made specially for this little friend over here. It had been a very very old post if you ask me. What a shame. But then, I'm proud that I posted it today. At least, not after she takes her result slip.

Molly was basically taking her finals and was distress about it, while Fatass were happily enjoying her naps. Is this what friends are for? That is where the idea of making a batch of cupcakes for her as a gift of motivation existed. And to be honest, the sugarpastes were all ruined. It's edible even though it seems to look wet.

Droplets of water can be seen clearly on the sugarpastes. After a few attempts on the fondant sugarpastes, we found out that sugarpastes can't be store in the refrigerator nor in the freezer. Hence, whenever we're keeping stocks of sugarpastes, we'll make sure that it's kept under room temperature; in a air-tight container. So, what makes the cupcakes christened after her name? And how motivation can be spiritually felt after looking at these mini babies? The shots will tell you even more.

This is one modeling clay cum sugarpaste of her; the gorgeous amalgam; Molly. The sugarpaste was not gorgeous though. A note to tell her that she'll pass through smoothly this time.

Next, the sugarpaste of an alarm clock; which had an important implicit symbolic means; spend your time wisely with books. And not RAN ONLINE. (*Devilish Grin*)

As usual, lit-up candles, lights and text books; to tell you it's time to burn the midnight oil.

After some heavy workload of digesting insignificant facts, tell yourself not to take any cat naps. Get a dog nap instead.

As for the result slip, we'll wait and see. Patience is virtue! But then, Fatass would rather beg for an A. All exam's answer slips that Fatass Michelle have gone through were mostly ended by a few words "I'll fulfill your fantasy if you fulfill my answers".

Fret not. The chances of you graduating is 99%. Enjoy your life while waiting for the results. You'll be a graduate student; for sure. Well, the outcome of the whole grouped up shots of the babies?

With the obvious wordings; just in case the sugarpaste doesn't look like what we thought it was,it spelt out; all the best. That was the time before Molly had her exams.

Once more, all the best for your result slip, Molly. May godogod bless us all who's facing the finals; especially Cryshelle. Amen~