Sunday, September 3, 2006

Molly's 19th Buttday

I should have posted this one on the 31st of August to mark up my servant's buttday; Molly. Not Fatass Michelle though. She told me that she's just 18 this year. I could hardly believe the statement she have just made. Gonna buy Mich a mirror for her buttday this year. See, I'm a caring and an honest person... I mean, a caring and an honest master. I treat them like my best-butts. As the old saying goes, "A dog is a man's best friend". Vice versa. Anyway, I overheard a conversation between servant *001 and servant *002 on the day before servant *002's buttday. They did plan out something though. The good news is they are going somewhere not far from servant *002's home to celebrate. Yay! Yay! I'll hire a whole bunch of chefs to make a sumptuous meal for that. Yum~

And here's the bad news; I'm not invited! Oh my dog?! Are you gurls serious??? Come ON! I'm Master Whisky. I should be the VIP guest. And I should be invited! Grr!!! I'm still in utter disbelief that you servants are planning this without me. You gurls make my hackles rise! Dogged!

I'm pretty mad. Thanks to Molly and Mich. Anyway, I will keep my promise. Like what I had said just now, I will hire a bunch of chefs just for the sake of servant *002's buttday. I'll handle everything - from hiring chefs to choosing the tastiest cuisine. FYI, I'll manage the food menu too. And by the way, I'm kinda vengeful when it comes to dealing with my fatass owner.

When those servants around me are upset, it is so hard for me to resist the temptation to say "Relax! Calm yourself down. Stop chewing flip-flops and stop yapping!" On the other way round, no one comforts me when I'm upset. A few words of consolation is better than none. Hmm, there's one though! She is... Fatass's!!! Nah, Fatass Mich won't be that nice to me. I'm referring to Fatass's mom! How NICE is NICE? The four letter-word; "F-O-O-D" came across my hungry stomach. I mean "came across my mind"... I was too hungry... Bear with me...

Yay! I'd get to try some of fatass's mom's dishes. Hurray! Briyani eh?! Hmm, the citrus lemon flavor (from the lil' chick) is now too hackneyed to thrill my tastebuds. Nah, just kidding. A pleasing presentation, at my very first impression. Good thing to start off my meal because it does help my other senses start to anticipate something enjoyable is about to happen. Eating IS enjoyable! Never-the-less, I categorized myself as a true hedonist whereby pleasure is at the top of my list. Loyalty remains last. Anyway, not really tasty though (Fatass's mom gonna bang me with saucepans if she sees this). But do not worry! You won't end up on the hospital bed. So, bon appetit~

I AM a food enthusiast. Therefore, I am easily enthralled by food. Any food for the matter. I eat ANYTHING as long as it is edible. Ranging from AH YAT abalone to small pieces of toilet rolls...

Had a few dog-fights with my problematic servants. Servant *001 had promised to take-away some of the leftovers, and write a detailed report of the activities that they have layed out the day before for servant *002's buttday. I've just receive the report this morning. I've wanted to publish this post a.s.a.p but I'd need Mich's report to do so. So, it's impossible to publish it on the 31st since Mich is a slowpoke... So, lemme summarize the report for you guys...

  • Late evening - Wednesday - 30th of August; the day before our Malaysia's Independence Day

  • Chosen Milwaukee's Steakhouse, Kajang, since it is not far from Molly's and Mich's home - Rang up Mich - Had reminded Mich to tapau some proper meals instead of leftovers

  • Parked the car - Walked towards Milwaukee's Steakhouse but it was chock-a-block - Plan ruined - Manage to catch a glimpse of their decor

  • Saw 7-eleven's - Celebrating Molly's buttday in 7-eleven's will be fun - While heading towards 7-eleven's - Saw a restaurant that serves fine Italian cuisine - This is it! - Mmm, Calabria

  • Classical songs with mellifluous tunes were played - from their amplifier - not live performances though - (Added info: A few bars of melodies drifted towards us. Malar, Molly and Mich were swayed away by the melodic tunes though. Elvis Castello's; She, Al Green's; Lean On Me, Frank Sinatra's; Under My Skin... Loads of it! Here's the fun part; one of the high notes had unexpectedly hit Mich right on her face... *Smacked* Mich didn't hit the high notes though. FYI, she can't sing. She barks... Lolxx. Me and my satanic remarks.) - Ordered Rice Baked With Cheese, Pizza Quarto and Pizza Tonno - And drinks - Take-away pastas for Master Whisky - Rice Baked With Cheese was sooooo freaking delicious

  • Rice Baked With Cheese was indeed cheesie-li-cious - Rice, chicken broth, heavy whipping cream, shredded cheddar cheese, grated parmesan cheese and tomatoes...

  • Pizza Tonno - Tuna, eggs, mayonaise, mozarella cheese and stewed tomatoes...

  • Pizza Quarto - Half of it was Pizza Tonno - The other half was Chicken Pepperoni Pizza...

  • Malar have a try on Pizza Quarto - She preferred Pizza Quarto than Pizza Tonno - Both pizzas were extremely flat - Looks like naan topped with cheese etc

  • Malar smiled for the cam-mee-rahh - Molly frowns - Mich was probably busy eating

  • Molly felt disgusted - Lolxx - Just kidding

  • Finished the food - Time for desserts

  • Molly opened the green THINGY - Duh, it's a box...

  • Ta-daa!!! - A cake bought from Bread Story - Small - VERY small...

  • Molly lights up the candle - With a lighter of course - They do plan to use a match stick at first

  • Cake's ready - Candle's ready - Light's off! - Malar, Miche and Kidd sang the buttday song with gusto

  • At the very end of the song - Molly started to show off her new YOGA pose

  • 19th - Not 1 year old though :P

  • Molly stopped - She asks for more - More wishes...

  • Boyfriends - Friends - SMS's - Wishing her a happy buttday

  • Time waits for no man - Cut the cake - NOW!!!

  • Molly was perplexed - Mich was drooling - Mathematicals' calculation were used - equal - fair and square

  • It must be Mich - Look at her mouth - And belly... Lolxx

  • Up-close and personal - Strawberries - Peaches - Blueberries - Layers of cakes - Whipped cream - And CHOCOLATE!

  • Molly unwrapped her presents - And looking at the "home-made" birthday card

  • Malar looks on - Molly mimicking me; Whisky!

  • Closer view of the card - Teddies - Alphas'

  • "Bill please!" - Paid - Molly make a decision; to walk home

  • Malar was stunned - And stupified - She looked drop-dead-serious! - Lolxx

  • Malar and Molly went home - Same goes to Mich

  • It was one "peaceful" celebration - Lolxx - Mich said she enjoys herself - Weehoo - Happy Buttday, Molly :)

That was it. The summary of Mich's report. Short and simple. Oh yeah, Happy Belated Buttday, Molly. May god bless you in your future undertakings. One cool and obliging servant over here! Keep it up! *smiled sheepishly*

Woofed by,
Master Whisky.De.Bordeaux