Saturday, August 4, 2007

Great Party Without Cupcakes

We felt so bad for not making it come true. No cupcakes or even cakes for the buttday girl?!

Oh boy. I'm so gonna eat myself tonight! So, to patch things up, we bought her a pack of cards.

No, not Tarots, but printed recipes on cards. That'll be a perfect gift for a rising baker. The cards were cute though. Wipeable and most importantly, convenient.

Buttday gurl, Eugenie or let's make this easier; Sau Keng had her very re-owned party in a quiet and peaceful slot, Loft, which was organized by her beloved boy. I can hear melodies of Tina Turner singing now.

Enjoy the shots of the evergreen gorgeous ganasai, Keng's. (*Devilish Laughter, With Tears*)

To Keng; you're insane and that is why we love to strangle you so so much.

Happy Buttday once again Keng! =)