Thursday, August 9, 2007

Go Nuts With Ground Almonds

Before getting on to the C-gradies, here's the extra shots we've gotten for birdwatchers when we scanned through the PC.

Last piece of Pipit's shots, confirmed.

Shots with his foster mother cum plushie. A plushie of a Kookaburra. Next up, a C-gradie which would probably make it to a B-gradie baby is the small rectangular sponges slabbed with chocolate mousse and topped with grounded almonds. Presenting the favorite baby of our family; the Almond and Chocolate Mousse Layer Cake.

As Pa and the kids love layer cakes, this medium sized baby had struggle its way to our stomach once it were all assembled. Bark thank you's to the soft vanilla sponges, fluffy light chocolate mousse and the delish grounded almonds. It may looked divine in the shot above, but do not be fooled by the lil green thingy which makes the whole baby looked pretty. Gimmick; by using fresh peppermint leaves.

There are around 5 layers of vanilla sponges being sliced into thin sheets for a better tasting as a whole. Slabbing the chocolate mousse which were made out of chocolate and whipping cream were the next process to be followed up. The last layer; which is to cover the entire cake was the vanilla whipping cream.

By then, the choc decor with bits of grounded almonds were arranged orderly on the sides of the cake. Since we have one packet of grounded almonds left, all were used to top the top layer of the cake itself. We're so gonna dig this baby. (*Drools*)

Last but not least, chocolate shavings were aligned in the middle. Speaking of contrast and correct combinations of colors incurred. (*Bleh*)

The final product turns out attractive. Pretty to our eyes.

But when it comes to the inner beauty, one word - ugly. The layerings were messy. Looks like Rocky Road dessert.

Wholesome workload involved but if we were given a choice on whether baking the real Layer Cake or this, I'll take this!Taste wise? Light in texture and to sum things up, they DO really love it. (*Yay*)