Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Piping Through Hell

It's been one raising hell surrounding after some doggie talk sessions through the net. To hell with it. Looking back at our latest toy plushie, there'll be more doggy grins and smiles than feeling bad for being a participant in the talk.

First, the "I'm not a plastic bag, but do treat me as a bag" bag.

Secondly, for some peeps cum poochies out there, this is a must for all old school cars. Fatass's recent baby is none the other than Baby Juara (with its lame but lame nametag writtened 'Mcwhisky'; vain...). Called it the idiot box or coffin, we still love it. As careless as how Rufus was, whenever there are mild scratches on the mini van, black markers will do the magic. An avid fan of Juara since its existent is made clear publicly. Easier parking, less blind spots, full view of the back by taking a quick glance on the back mirror, higher seats, wider back seats which can be folded for the poochies to wander around. Best of all, it gave us a feeling of the bus-aunts fetching the school kids after school day's over. Cons? There is. Jumping back to the exact topic, Juara had this player which doesn't consists of a CD player. Hence, the intention of buying the MP3 Modulator were tensed. Basically, it transmits songs from the MP3 player or any USB flash drive to the car's audio speaker, just by plugging the modulator gadget into the cigarette lighter. As it's affordable, why not having one?! Now, we can shake buttie! =)

Third and the last, the cookie package! Prettier and more presentable gift wrappers!
Craps barked. Back to piping creams; piping is fun if there's unlimited of buttercream to play with. Okay, easily said than done. We'll prove it. For good. Strating on picking up the right type; cursive - a big no no. Better stick to the basics; crocked ones. Before we got the pipes ready in hand, we got ourselves batches of nicely creamed chocolate cupcakes. Precisely; Chocolate Oreo Cupcakes!

It was petite and sucha mini, like the usual C-grade cupcakes we have.

With a lil finishing or shall we say 'a pinch of chocolate bits' do make wonders to these C-gradies. Appeared to be much more good looking than the latter. Since there's extra batches which can be used as white rodents for piping experiments, we'd really go for it.

It was fun and smoking adorable. =) For the first batch, it was conquered by my name; Mcwhisky. Fatass Michelle will get her title on the uglier batch, very soon.

Various of colorings were infused into the buttercream just to get the right magenta, as magenta were the main color which we favor so much. Just like how the signatures of the shots were colored. Pipings are so much fun. Any messages can be written, depending on the size of the cuppies. For instance; the one which I've forcibly piped;

F-A-T-A-S-S. And inclusive of;

Swearing... (*Grin*)