Friday, June 15, 2007

A Canine's Joyride

The so-called cute poochie of this doggie blog had already made a wise decision to chop off his white curly locks. To be exact, Fatass had make a few arrangements with the one whose responsible for shaving Fatty Rufus's fluffy furball. A white schnauzer should have a schnauzer's haircut, not a poodle's or a sheppy's hairdo. The good news is; Rufus gets to go for an hour plus joyride while I'll be sitting in my antique kennel, whining and wailing for non human being companions. This is so unfair.

Before making their way, Rufus had his sauna bath in a private room, a secluded area where most VIPs had their bath.

Two sexy hot mamas were sent in by Fatass Michelle. Massage anyone? BOL.

These hot mamas cleaned and groomed that super lucky fat dog. Not professionally groomed.

Snipped off the entangled wired hair and brush off the remaining dead locks. Blow-dry was included as well. Oh boy, look what we have here? A super white and clean poooooooochie. Hey, I smell Clorox! (*Wicked Smile*)

Why didn't Fatass lay her hands on Fatty Rufus? What an owner?! Responsible dog owner konon... Any excuse to lament, Fatass?

Okay. Fine. Solid picture with great values of proofs. Busy; just because you're baking some C-grade cookies. Fair enough.
Groundnut Cookies to fill my snacking sessions while both of the fatass were away. You've just make me love you both! Rolled unbaked dough into cute tiny weeny rounded balls.

And pop them into the oven soon after. 15 minutes - all done! It melts in your mouth although it looks dry in this shot. Grinding the nuts were the most crucial part of all. If blended too long, a layer of oil will be seen. So, we called for pestle and mortar rather than an electronic blender. Muscles gained!

Once they were baked, Fatass rushed to the pet store with Rufus. He sat comfortably on a cushion, in the passenger seat, given a ragged rug whenever he starts to drool. Baby meh? (*Sweats*)

Fatass! You had never treat me that nice - EVER! (*Grr*)

Rufus made her proud, that's what she said when she gets home. He doesn't wiggle his bum and moves around whenever Beautiful Liar was aired in the radio. Unlike me. (*Gulps*)

Well, he's quite obedient and come on, he's on a safety belt! How is he gonna shake his bum with that thing attached to him?! He IS just like me!