Thursday, July 19, 2007

Focus, Lenses And Sufficient Lighting

When it comes to camwhore, I must say, we're nonetheless quite good at it; at least we got a passing mark for that! Big round of applause for Fatty Rufus's outstanding shots though. Generally, a high standard of a piece of shot totally requires some professionalism in photography. Speaking of which, sufficient lightings, precise focus and appropriate lense play one part on creating a better visual image. Well, inclusive of a good camera. Every little details count. We love to see every tiny piece of artwork. As tiny as it could be. To make things more understandable, we enjoy shots and artworks with defined and focused object. The tinier, the best.

Yes, it is that tiny. Call us bored asses. NBTD. We can’t really deny that ants were gorgeous in some ways..

Red armies stand out easier than the others, but basically, we hate them as much as you do.

They are so dogdamn small till I can’t really differentiate whether there is an occurrence of sex or war.

t that this is worthy. Spent minutes on adjusting the lenses and focus. NBTD, but it’ll help on developing our photography skills though. Here's a piece or two of PIPIT.

Molly once barked that there was an ancient belief that these birdies might bring bad luck.

It's unbelievable, as it's too cute for them to act as a bad luck charm for us.

Let’s move on to what we’ll eat on later – together with our new found friends; the armies. Semolina and Orange Slices were totally moist and this is the first C-grade goody to get rid the bags of long-kept semolina in the refrigerator. It tasted more like an almond slice than a piece of cake.

Fatass Michelle have fun brushing the layers of slices with lemon syrup. That’s a more define term of NBTD.

As we’ve already barked, every little details DO count. Placing a few slices of fine orange zest makes it look better than it tasted. Last but not least, dusting the entire slice with powdered sugar. After trying our paws and tongues on semolina, we don’t really fancy semolina though.