Friday, July 13, 2007

Arrival Of The Birdie

Kidd stumbled upon him during his breakaway time; a tiny little wounded birdie which I supposed that it was under the PIPIT breed. Pipit, the sparrow. BOL. More up-close shots of PIPIT will be uploaded under the BIRD-WATCH section.

PIPIT was frail and iodine was the only ointment applied on its wounded under-arms/under-wings. Grr, okay! I'll go with ARMPITS!

As to welcome Pipit to the doggie family, pretty cute dainty cupcakes were made; the multicoloured buttercream with rose sugarpaste and vanilla cupcakes.

The vanilla buttercream were made from Krimwell, as I wanted a tougher buttercream so that the fine tracks can be seen.

The combination of two colours; blue and purple turned out great. The tiny leaves and unbloomed roses were made out of sugarpaste.

Hmm, back to lil Pipit... (Oooh boy, what a cute name he has.)

While flipping his wings to check on the iodine, I remembered that the outbreak of bird flu occured the past few months though. In the exact area where PIPIT was taken home. Gonna pray hard for this. Amen, to god and Pipit. =)