Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Homer's Beer Without Duff

Homer would screw anyone who has taken his favourite beer; DUFF. Hear what he had to say;

Homer Simpson is sucha cutie pie, hear his beer song and you'll know why we love this joker so much! We'll promise to get another, other than his big ol DUFF. He's obsessed with Duff. Not Hilary Duff. But Duff;

As for being an understanding individual, we'll leave Homer with his spiritual wifey named Duff. Instead, we used his Duff beer in a jug as a model for our sugarpaste clay. Why jug of beer and why not doggies?

Since Crystal gave in the ideas on the subject of the modeling sugarpaste, she did mention that a jug of beer would do good for Komsan, the birthday boy. No, it should be the birthday man!

Crystal's idea was indeed brilliant. Yay! It took us 2 hours to knead all the plain white sugarpaste into colored ones. Beginner; what can we say? (*Smiles*)

And the outcome were 15 jugs. Foamy Duff Beer. Not Carlsberg. ;)

Besides than Duff beer, we've land our furry paws on the sugarpaste for some rose-kneading tryout. The buds, petals, pollens and leaves were made. It was much more easier than the Duff's.

But Duff's still look better than any of the butts. To be precise; buds. =)

As for the cupcakes, we baked it on the day before the sugarpaste were kneaded.
The Magnolia cupcakes remained spongy though left covered in the freezer for storing. Play safe, by baking Magnolias. (*Grin*)

As for the buttercream, we tried using Wilton's. Better than Magnolia's original buttercream; Magnolia's too DIE-beticly sweet. Wickedly sweet.

For the Duff's, it'll be blue vanilla buttercream.

The best part was assembling the pollen, buds, roses etcetera on the purple buttercream.

Swirls baby, swirl...

We managed to packed more than half of the baked and frosted cupcakes into the readily folded box. Piping techniques were not good enough. Keep working Fatassy.

Last but not least, a BIG thank you to Crystal for everything that she have done. The party was fun, the people were nice and were all as cute as Homer. Was real glad to meet them. Here's a big shoutout; Happy Buttday Komsan!