Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Kidd's 18th Buttday

I say, I hate kneading. I got myself all tangled up once I start kneading the dolls. As Kidd's buttday was getting nearer, Fatass and I went googling for some seriously cute-until-you-can-die sugar glider's shots. No wonder Kidd loves gliders. I wanted one too when I lay my eyes on the glider's shots!

The cake basically consists of 3 vanilla swiss rolls, chocolate shavings and more fondants. Alphas and gliders were made out of fondant. On the other paw, the swiss rolls were depicted as tree barks or perhaps, with great imagination, you might thought that it was a bundle of logs scattered on a snowy field.

As Kidd loves gliders so much, we've gotten him an edible sugar glider, with no body attached! Only the head, paws and the tail were included. And last but not least, a ribbon for a baby girl. Kidd says he loves glider chicks!

As usual, the fondant is wickedly sweet. I've been googling and trying many fondant's recipe, but to no avail. Better luck next time! Oh, here's the shoutout; Happy 18th Buttday Kidd!!!