Tuesday, July 3, 2007

In The Mood For Pink Cupcakes

Fatass Michelle's cutie pies; baby nieces; KY and Jessica were happy with their C-grade cupcakes. Not that it was super delicious.

Jessica's cute shot in exchange with a box of pink cupcakes. Very worthwhile.

Babies; precisely, baby girls tend to fall for anything that has a little hint of pink in it.

These nieces of hers had a pretty good time licking the creams rather than the cupcakes. Reminds me of Pink Panther though.

Anyway, she should have take the time and effort to knead some marzipans/sugarpaste and make those cupcakes look more than the ordinary. I've been looking further on cupcakes decorated with marzipans and sugarpaste. Ohh, Fatass... (*Patiently Waiting*)